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Summary: This Sermon is designed to compel its hearers to trust the Lord Jesus as their Savior. Angels are messengers, His the message, Angels are servants, He is the Son.

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Introduction: Angel worship is as prevalent in our day as it was in the New Testament era. Folks, then and now, set up shrines to these beings. You will see angel figurines in many homes today. Hollywood has even tapped into the craze of angels with the popular Television series Touched By an Angel. Angels are real beings created by God. Angels are used by God to touch the lives of believers. However, angels are not to be worshipped they were made to worship God. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. He deserves our worship and praise. No angel has ever given his life for your sins. However, Jesus Christ the Son of God did. Let’s look at some reasons Jesus is superior to the Angels.

I. Christ is superior because of the nature of His Suffering (1.4a).

-Sin left us in hopless rebellion. Jesus Christ stepped out of Heaven and stepped into humantiy and became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God.

a. Angels are God’s messengers

b. Jesus is God’s message

II. Christ is superior because of the nature of His Supreme Name (1.4b).

a. Angesl are supernatural

b. Jesus is the supernatureal Savior

III. Christ is superior because of the nature of His Sonship (1.5).

a. Angels are servants of God (servants get employment)

b. Jesus is the Son of God (Sons get an inheritance)

IV. Christ is superior because of the nature of His Station (1.6).

a. Angels are prostrate

b. Jesus is potentate

-He is the First Born of the Father

-He is the First Born of the Dead

-He is the Prince of the Kingdom of God

V. Christ is superior because of the nature of His Sovereignty (1.7-14).

a. Angels minister to the one on the throne

b. Jesus is the one on the throne

Conclusion: Who are what are you worshiping today? Have you met the man who gave Himself for your sin debt? If not, why not?

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