Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Our identity is in Christ, who is supreme in the universe, world, church, and our life.


I. Introduction

II. Transition

III. CIT/CIS: Christ is Supreme.

IV. Exposition

a. Christ is supreme in creation. (vv.15-16)

i. His glory is the chief aim of creation.

ii. His glory is the chief aim of human history.

iii. His glory is the chief aim of redemptive history.

b. Christ is eternal. (v.17)

i. Hebrews 7:3.

ii. Early Church Heresies and Modern Misunderstandings.

c. Christ is supreme in the Church. (v.18)

d. Christ is supreme in salvation. (vv.19-23)

i. I shall state this point negatively, according to what we do not have without Christ. Without Christ there is no:

1. Recovery of what we lost.

a. God’s image (Imago Dei)

b. God’s perfect fellowship.

2. Removal of the misery incurred at the fall.

a. Eternal Death. (Separation)

b. Present Curse. (Suffering)

3. Obtaining our true and proper happiness.

a. Man was made for God.

b. Christ alone brings present and eternal bliss.

e. Christ is supreme in the purpose of man.

i. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, (Psalm 86) and to enjoy him forever. (Psalm 16:5-11). (Westminster Shorter Catechism)

ii. Christ makes man’s purpose possible.

V. Conclusion

“The Supremacy of Christ,” Colossians 1:15-23

Colossians: Our Identity in Christ, Part-2


In a discussion of the supremacy of Christ, what is “The real issue before us? It is this: Have we, or have we not, an authoritative revelation of God in Jesus Christ? We have no such revelation unless his life is actually the unveiling of deity. It was a wonderful thing that Jesus Christ did for religion – nothing less than the rediscovery of God.” Christ is supreme in the universe. Christ is supreme in the world. Christ is supreme in the Church. Christ is supreme in our lives.

Often we neglect the supremacy of Christ in our lives and disregard His supremacy in the world and in the Church. We get lost in the maze of religious machinery or we get sidetracked from His supremacy for lust of our own.


This morning we’ll look at what is perhaps the most central matter with regard to the prevailing theme of the book of Colossians – finding our identity in Christ. In fact, the book of Colossians is chiefly about finding our identity in Christ because of the supremacy of Christ. We are His and in Him and He is supreme.

CIT / CIS: Christ is Supreme.


The supremacy of Christ is the very aim of creation. (vv.15-16) A lot is made these days with regard to the manner of creation. Is the Genesis account of creation a literal account? What about the purpose or highest aspiration of God in creation?

Creation cries out the glory of God. This is a theme well attested to in the Scripture. It really needs no elucidation. However, what are we to make of the glory of God in the fall of man almost immediately subsequent to creation?

God in His sovereignty decreed and allowed the fall of man into sin so that Christ could be glorified at the Cross. Listen, God doesn’t play guessing games. Even the fall is within the scope of sovereignty and its highest aim is the glorification of the Son at the Cross, in the Resurrection, and unto eternity!

The glory of Christ is the chief aim of creation. This is precisely because God the Father is glorified through God the Son through the suffering and pain of the Cross, the glory of the resurrection, and the eternal reign of the Son through the Church and in eternity. The suffering of the Son brings glory to the Father!

The suffering of Christ highlights the love of the Father. The suffering of Christ at the Cross highlights the mercy of the Godhead. What I’m saying is simply this: creation, even and especially in its fallen state, cries out the glory of God through the suffering and redemption of the Church through the Son.

Against the backdrop of pain and misery the grace, mercy, reconciliation, and healing of God shines like a white-hot burning ember amidst the ashes.

The glory of Christ is the chief aim of human history. Think not the progress of redemption in the historical account of the Bible to be the record of aimless wondering. The word that we use to describe the study of the incidences of the past, history comes from the Greek word historia which is derived from the Greek verb hisore, which means to learn by inquiry or investigation. When one makes inquiry of the nature of the happenings, the incidences of the past, it quickly becomes apparent that God has had His hand on the guidance of human history.

In fact, it is a troubling factor in modern culture of America. Oversimplification and ignorance of our past, the meaning of the founding documents and framing principles of this great land of ours has led to a relative disdain for the very things that made us a people of hope, liberty, and every increasing freedom.

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