Summary: Jesus Christ is pre-eminent over all creatures in all respects.

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READ: Colossians 1:15-20

This letter of Paul to the Colossians is primarily POLEMIC in nature. That is, Paul is writing to refute a particular error that was threatening the life of the church there at Colosse. Scholars call it "The Colossian Heresy". There is much debate about EXACTLY what the heresy was, and there are a number of theories, but the Apostle Paul, in typical fashion, doesn’t spell out the error — for two reasons:

(1) his readers already know all about it, and

(2) Paul’s clear belief was that the best antidote for error is TRUTH.

Rather than dwell on the heresy, Paul expounded the reality that would show the false for what it was. [There’s a great lesson in that for US!]

From what Paul wrote, however, we are able to conclude that the Colossian Heresy, whatever it was, it was a "mish-mash" of confused ideas; it included at least three separate elements.

(1) There was a Judaistic emphasis on law and ritual;

(2) There was a Pagan concept of Angel-worship; and

(3) There was a form of Christianity blended in as well.

This heresy did not DENY Christ, but it did DETHRONE Him — it gave Christ A place, but not THE supreme place.

So, "wolves" were trying to gain entrance among this congregation of young Christians, and were bringing confusion to the Christian gospel message they had received. Paul confronted this false representation by a positive setting-forth of the exalted nature and unmatched glory of Christ! The result is that Colossians is Paul’s full-length portrait of Christ; and what a marvelous letter it is for that very reason. Paul gives his readers a grand view of the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ, and drives home the point that all we could ever need is to be found in Him.

“Thou, O Christ, art all I want,

More than all in Thee I find.”

To come then to the passage that we are addressing this morning (1:15-18 in particular) Paul outlines for us Christ and His relationships in three directions. We have:

1. Christ’s Relationship to God.

2. Christ’s Relationship to the creation.

3. Christ’s Relationship to the Church.

And the Apostle goes through all of this to make his ONE climactic point - his triumphant proclamation — NAMELY, that Jesus Christ is SUPREME (pre-eminent) over ALL creatures, in ALL respects!

Let’s look together at these three relationships and what they involve, and we will come to the same glorious conclusion as Paul. And we will see, as Alexander MacLaren puts it, that "There is no need for a crowd of shadowy beings to link heaven and earth. Jesus Christ lays His hands upon both. He is the head and fountain of life to His Church. Therefore, He is first in all things to be listened to, loved, and worshipped by men.


He is "the image of the invisible God" (verse 15).

The first point that we must have clear in our minds as Christians is this: outside of Jesus Christ, God is invisible. He is inconceivable to our sinful eyes and unattainable to our grasping but sinful hearts. This fact becomes very clear when you begin to study the other religions of the world — they are dark and shadowy; God is lost in the mists of ignorance.

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