Summary: Sermon outline on the Tabernacle - This is the intro sermon Part 1

The Tabernacle

Part I

Exodus 25:1 – 2

Facts about the Tabernacle

v The Tabernacle was the worship center of the Israelites for a long time – Almost 500 years from Moses to David – until Solomon’s temple was built

v A large portion of God’s Word is dedicated to the Tabernacle

o 37 Entire Chapters

§ 13 Chapters in Exodus

§ 2 Chapters in Deuteronomy

§ 4 Chapters in Hebrews

v An object lesson / teaching tool God used

v The Tabernacle symbolizes 3 major things

o Symbolizes the ministry of Jesus Christ

o Symbolizes the ministry of the Church

o Symbolizes the Christian Believer

v The purpose pf the Tabernacle (at least 2 fold

o Its short-term purpose was to build God a sanctuary where God might be worshipped & and able to live among His people. Exodus 25:8 & 25:22

o The long-term purpose was to arouse God’s people to look at the promised Messiah. John 1:14 / Hebrews 1: 1-3

v Tabernacle (mishkan) means dwelling place, a tent, a place of habitation, and a residence. The root word means to pitch a tent. The picture of the tabernacle is graphic.

o God literally pitched His Tent, the tabernacle, among His people, the Israelites.

o Jesus Christ pitched His Tent, the tabernacle of His body and He lived & dwelt among us.

I. The Architect of the Tabernacle Was God Himself (v. 1)

When planning & constructing a building, the most important person is the Architect.

The Architect is the person

- Who is the Master Builder

- Who knows the science & Principles of Building & Architecture

- Who dreams & Lays out the plan for the building

- Who designs & works out the structure for the building

- Who oversees & looks after the construction

- Who inspects and approves the building

The architect is the one who is responsible for the construction of a building. He determines whether a building stands or falls, functions or fails, brings joy to the users or arouses disappointment.

The tabernacle was so important – so desperately needed by God’s people that God Himself chose to be the architect of the Tabernacle.

He could not leave the design & structure of the Tabernacle in the hands of men?

WHY – The tabernacle was to be

o His dwelling place among men

o The special place where people would com to worship God

o The special place where people would learn about God

Only God knew what kind of building He needed & wanted

II. The Materials to Build the Tabernacle were Supplied by the People (v.2)

Moses was to take up offerings from the people, and the people were to give willingly & generously.

The word for offering (terumah) has the idea of a present, a gift that is given sacrificially; the a valuable, costly gift

Where did slaves get an offering to give – They just came out of slavery?

Egyptians when they were so desperate to get rid of them they gave them silver and gold. (Exodus 11 & 12) so now they have something to give the Lord

God had provided for the people . What they had was dues to Him.

o Ultimately everything belongs to God. All that we have has come from Him. Psalms 50:10 / Hag 2:8

o The greatest thing we can give God is a undivided heart, totally yield to him Matt 6:19-21/ Luke 9:23

o Every person has something to offer to God. No matter how little a person may have, he has something that he can give to God. Ezra 2:69/Mark 12:42-43/Acts 11:29

o We are to share with those who are in need.

o We are to give sacrificially, to give willingly & cheerfully 2 Cor 9:7

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