Summary: The Birth of Jesus shows us the story about two different Kings, which one would you serve?

Tale of Two Kings

Matt 2

1. King Herod (74 B.C. to 4 B.C.)

a. Son of Antipater and Kupros (Arab descent)

b. Idumeanean descent from Edom

c. Became King when the Parthian’s captured Jerusalem

d. During his reign he rebuilt the Temple to curry favor of the Jews

e. He was a multi-faith enthusiast

f. He was very insecure

g. He kills anyone who is a threat to the Throne (family)

h. Augustus Caesar said “better to be Herod’s pig than his son

i. He seeks to kill Jesus, calling for the slaughter of innocent children

j. When he was near death he ordered the heads of Jewish families to be assembled in a horse racing arena.

i. Upon his death his sister was to order the execution of the heads of the families to ensure the Nation would mourn when he died, even if it were not for him

ii. His sister releases the heads of the families.

iii. His kingdom is divided among his 4 surviving sons.

2. King Jesus (Matt 2, Phil 2, Isaiah 9:6ff)

a. He was a king before he was human

b. He gave up his throne to be like one of us

c. He was born to peasant parents

d. His 1st bed was a feeding trough

e. The first to greet him were shepherds and farm animals

f. Before he is two he must flee for his life

g. He is reared in a devout Jewish Family

h. He is thought of as a fraud, demon possessed, and mad

i. Religious leaders of His day seek to kill Him

j. Finally He gives his life so that we can have Eternal Life

k. His Kingdom has no end

This King became like us (cradle), gave His life for us (Cross), and is returning Crowned King Jesus (Crown)

Which King would you serve?

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