Summary: When any person gets an opportunity to look into the majesty of Heaven, it should cause us to be encouraged, excited, and to look forward! Even during worst human time(s), God still shows us how amazing He is!

The Temple in Heaven

Revelation, Part 24, Revelation 15:1-8


- This is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (righteous and (IMP) merciless)

-- Make no mistake: He shall no longer be the sacrificial lamb

-- He is the one promised to judge the living and the dead

- As Jesus tramples on the winepress, look at the specific word use of what spills out. (Blood) (“Without the shedding of blood …” – payment)

-- This is the blood of those who come against the Lamb and His nation

-- They are receiving their deserved judgment

- Bible shows how many will die as they come against the Lord’s army

-- There will be blood running 4 feet high, 181 miles long (length of Israel)

-- Blood is required to be shed (Genesis 3, Leviticus 17, Hebrews 9)

-- APP: The bible is complete in its thoughts, and in its revelations

- Today, we examine a glimpse of Heaven again where things are now calm

-- We are seeing another example of worship in heaven

-- This ought to inspire us to (again) wonder and awe and HOPE

- When any person gets an opportunity to look into the majesty of Heaven:

-- Should be encouraged, excited, and looking forward

-- IMP: During worst human time(s), God still shows us how good He is

- Read Revelation 15:1-8

Ω Point 1 – 7 Angels and the Crystal Sea (v1-2)

- John is preparing to see the final victory of God over Satan

-- He now sees 7 angels who are prepared to pour out God’s vengeance

-- Why? This Earth has turned its back on Him for far too long

- As we’ve discussed before – we are at an impasse in our lives today

-- We are at a time where we can no longer afford to merely sit and watch

-- We have to take a stand and be responsible for acting for God

- Last week we talked about other angels whose sole purpose was to reap

-- These angels have a job as well; to punish mankind for rebellion

- They’ve been destined since the beginning of time to act for God

-- Challenge: Unless we act to bring more souls into the Kingdom …

-- Many more destroyed in this time of tribulation (must cause us to ACT)

- The angels John is seeing are the third set of angels

-- The first was of the churches – angels that protected each church

-- The second was the trumpets – angels that proclaimed God’s wrath

-- These angels hold in their hands God’s bowl judgments

- At this time in history, most of God’s people are either dead or in hiding

-- This judgment is meant to seek out those who are responsible for persecution of God’s people and for their willful disobedience to God

-- Willful disobedience ex: Take the mark of Satan

- John again reminds us that there is a crystal sea in heaven (ref to Rev 4)

-- Notice though, the appearance of this sea is slightly different

- If you notice it has a reflection of fire in it …

- This fire represents God’s wrath and anger which is directed at the Earth

-- APP: Different from the calm crystal sea, this sea represents how God is feeling … His anger is being directed at the Earth (terrifying)

-- IMP: God is a JUST God; dealing with us in both the good and the bad

- Victory is a unique word used to describe good overcoming evil

-- There is no other victory than that found in Jesus Christ

-- Those that chose Jesus over the mark of the beast will be victorious

- Those who lost their lives in Rev 6:9-12 have already received their reward

-- This victory is for those who were reaped from the Earth in Rev 14

-- This second part of the Tribulation has to do with results of the 144,000, the 2 witnesses, and the angels who reaped the harvest (go and reap)

- IMP: These Saints are standing on the sea of glass

-- They are above the fire and purification from God and before the throne

Ω Point 2 – The Song of Victory (v3-4)

- Take a moment to LOOK at the praise going on

-- These Saints have lived on the Earth during the Tribulation

-- They have seen the destruction that becomes of those who follow evil

- Challenge: Think for a second on your own life

-- Is there a song of worship you can sing?

-- Is there a song of praise that you could offer to the Lord today?

- Re-read verses 3 and 4 – discuss the wording:

-- Great – above normal, exceeding the limits of simple

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