Summary: An example from the life of Christ on how to deal with temptation every day.


Matthew 4:1-11

INTRO: We are all faced with many temptations each day. It seems like the harder we try to live for Jesus, the more temptations that we endure.

Today, we want to look at the temptations of Jesus, and see if we can learn anything that will help us to better face our temptations.


A. In Genesis 3:15 there is prophecy of Jesus’ temptation.

B. Great importance is placed on the time.

1. Immediately after Jesus’ baptism.

2. He was best able to grapple with the temptation then.

a. Great privileges and special tokens of divine favor will

not secure us from temptation.

b. After great honors, we must expect to be tempted.

3. God usually prepares us for temptations beforehand.

a. ILLUS: The Plimsoll Mark--Samuel Plimsoll (Sailor’s

friend)--God knows our marks (WBK p. 673).

b. Merchant’s Shipping Act of 1876.

4. When Jesus began to show himself publicly, he was tempted.

a. Satan has a particular spite at useful Christians.

b. Especially those who are doing good for Jesus.


A. In the wilderness.

1. Complete abandonment.

a. Jesus needed to prove himself.

b. Alone, Satan can work better.

c. He gave Satan advantage over him.

2. Satan had no control over Jesus.

a. But he has control over us.

b. ILLUS: If I could see my temptations as I see other

peoples temptations (WBK p. 674).

c. We must pray to not be led into temptation.

B. Christ was tempted, that he might overcome temptation.

1. Satan triumphed over Adam.

2. It is comfort to us that Christ overcame temptation, because if

temptations aren’t yielded to they do not become sin.

3. ILLUS: Man who was tempted to take money on the job, but

went to the former person in that job (WBK p. 672).

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