Summary: Take a test to see how well you live for Jesus

PS.26:1-2 ; 1 COR.11:28 & 31 ; 2 COR.13:5 "THE TEST"

* We want to look first in the book of Psalms and see what David is telling us!

* The word "integrity" means: innocence, perfection, simplicity, upright.

A) In v.1 David is saying, "Lord, look through and through, make a minute survey, put me to the

question, cross examine my evidence."

B) David submitted himself to the examination of the Lord!

* In v.2 the word "examine" means: to investigate, try by trial, prove me, put me again to trial and

see if I follow wickedness, try the reins of my heart, Lord, see what is controlling my heart!

* When was the last time you got examined by Jesus?

NOW LET’S GO TO 1 COR. 11:28 & 31

A) V.28 This does not just refer to the men of the church, but to women as well.

* The strong word in this verse is "examine." * It means: to prove! * The believer is to put himself

to the test! * He is to search his heart under the direction of the Holy Spirit!

B) He is to be honest with himself and with God! * If there is any unconfessed sin in his life,

* He is to confess that sin to God and get it forgiven and under the blood of Jesus Christ!

C) Here, Paul is dealing with communion - v.29-30

* But in v.31-32 it says ...! * As believers, we should test ourselves, search our hearts,

* And allow Him to search our hearts!

D) Notice Paul says that if we practice self judgment, we avoid the chastening of the Lord!

* But if we neglect self judgment, then the Lord will judge and chasten!


A) Note the word "examine." * It means: test, whether you have truly exercised faith in Jesus’

shed blood or merely embraced some religious doctrine or tradition!

* Leave no stone unturned, to make sure you are truly born again!

B) The word "prove." * It means: metals tried in the fire, tested in the fire.

* 1 Cor. 3:13 "Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it

shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is."

C) Will yours stand? * Paul says, "know ye not your ownselves, how that Jesus Christ ..."

* In other words, know that you are saved! * I’d know before I left this church tonight!

D) The word "reprobates" means: rejected, not approved. * This is sad .......

* According to v.6, after you examine yourself, you can know that you’re not a reprobate!

E) With what I’ve said tonight about these verses, let me give you a test!

* It’s not hard! * Be honest, don’t lie! * Only you and God knows the answers!

* Let’s all be willing to let God search our hearts, to show us our sins, & the need for repentance!

* Ps.139:23-24 "Search me, O God, & know my heart: try me & know my thoughts: And see if

there be any wicked way in me, & lead me in the way everlasting." * Now the test!

(1) DO I READ MY BIBLE EVERYDAY? * Now be honest with God & yourself!

* There’s no need to lie to God because He already knows!

A) 2 Tim.2:15 "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not ......."

* We need to read the Word of God everyday! * It’s food for our soul!

(2) DO I PRAY EVERYDAY MORE THAN ONCE? * Again, be honest!

* Luke 18:1 "And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to ......."

A) If God is really a prayer answering God (and He is) and if He meant for us to ask, seek and

knock, then why is so little praying going on? * Look at Psalm 55:16-17

B) How much time do you spend praying for our services? * How about today?

* 1 Thes. 5:17 "Pray without ceasing." * The biggest failure in our lives is prayer failure!


* Acts 1:8 "But ye shall receive power ....... ye shall be ....... both in Jerusalem & in all ......."

* If you and I believe there’s a heaven & hell, why do we keep quiet about the gospel?

A) If we believe that there is no other name given among men whereby men must be saved,

* Then why are we not sharing the message of His amazing grace?


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