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Summary: Are you trustworthy with the gift of God’s Word (I THESS. 2:4)? Authentic faith will value what God says.



JAMES 1:19--27

Are you trustworthy with the gift of God’s Word (I THESS. 2:4)? Authentic faith will value what God says.

There are (3) three coinciding aspects of trustworthiness directly related to God’s Word. Do you pass the test of:

I. RECEPTION 1:19--21 (see contrast: II Tim. 4:3-4)

2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

A. What are the qualities that will make us most receptive?

1. Submission 1:19 (willing to) "Wherefore...let every man"

Based upon the fact that you know the power of the Word, will you allow (yield) it to continue to work its power in your life. God’s will (1:18) is that we become creations of a new kind and becoming new requires change in us. Are you receptive to what God wants and what He wants to change (in you)?

a. In what ways are we to be submissive? We are to be willing by being:

(1) swift to hear (eager to learn) to grasp the truth with intent to obey. (more than moving the book marker forward)

(2) slow to speak (see 3:1) two ears and one mouth = listening twice as much as we talk.

(3) slow to anger (orgay) smoldering resentment because it doesn’t agree with what you thought or it confronts your sin. (hostility)

2. Purity (1:21) comes by:

a. recognizing (admitting)

b. confessing (agreeing)

c. repenting (abandoning)

3. Humility (1:21) "meekness" (a teachable spirit)

engrafted: (the implanted word in our mind) this word ties in with the parable of the sower in Matt 13:1--9.

God’s Word is the seed of spiritual life. Realize the need for the seed. Have a fertile (receptive) heart to receive His Word.

4. Trust 1:21"which is able" His Word can deliver you from temptation.

II. APPLICATION (1:22--25)

1:22 "Doers" 4163 poy-ay-tace’ AV - doer 5, poet 1; 6

1) a maker, a producer, author, performer

A. Exhortation (1:22) do what the Word says

1. What is the topic or subject at hand?

2. What is being said about the subject?

3. What specifically is God saying to me?

4. How can I apply or fulfill this in my life?

5. What verses can I memorize in relation to this?

6. How serious am I about God’s Word right now?

7. What have I learned and applied recently?

B. Warning (1:22) (its not a lecture) (a careless glance)

He give us a two-fold warning:

1. Deception - (1:22) listening isn’t fulfilling

2. Forgetfulness - (1:23, 24)

C. Vital elements (1:24, 25) (a careful gaze)

There are two primary elements vital to having a trustworthy faith:

1. looketh 3879 par-ak-oop-to: to bend beside, to lean over so as to peer into, within, stoop down.

2. continueth 3887 par-am-en-o: to stay near, remain, persevere, abide.

D. Promise (1:25) "shall be blessed"

1. blessed 3107 mak-ar-ee-os: supremely blest, fortunate, well off, happy.

2. deed 4162 poy-ay-sis: action, performance


Three evidences that confirm our trustworthiness with God’s Word:

A. a Controlled tongue (1:26)

B. a Compassionate Heart (1:27a)

C. a Clean life (1:27b)

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