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Summary: The anointing speaks simply of the Presence of God in our lives in a tangible way. Our experience of God tends to be progressive and so is what is called the anointing. We desire a fresh touch of God, a greater dimension of God. This sermon looks at three

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4. Hebron results in fruitfulness and multiplication. It was a city where David had sons. Samuel 3:2 Sons were born to David in Hebron:

5. Hebron brings the fullness of salvation. Hebron was a City of Refuge speaking of being free from judgment. It was a walled City, a place of protection. A place of Salvation. Joshua 20:2-7 “Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘Appoint for yourselves cities of refuge, of which I spoke to you through Moses, ‘that the slayer who kills a person accidentally or unintentionally may flee there; and they shall be your refuge from the avenger of blood. ‘And when he flees to one of those cities, and stands at the entrance of the gate of the city, and declares his case in the hearing of the elders of that city, they shall take him into the city as one of them, and give him a place, that he may dwell among them. ‘Then if the avenger of blood pursues him, they shall not deliver the slayer into his hand, because he struck his neighbor unintentionally, but did not hate him beforehand. ‘And he shall dwell in that city until he stands before the congregation for judgment, and until the death of the one who is high priest in those days. Then the slayer may return and come to his own city and his own house, to the city from which he fled.’ So they appointed Kedesh in Galilee, in the mountains of Naphtali, Shechem in the mountains of Ephraim, and Kirjath Arba (which is Hebron) in the mountains of Judah.

Isaiah 60:18 Violence shall no longer be heard in your land, neither wasting nor destruction within your borders; But you shall call your walls Salvation,

And your gates Praise.

Hebron speaks of the communion that we have in Christ.


Psalm 92:10-15 But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil. My eye also has seen my desire on my enemies; my ears hear my desire on the wicked who rise up against me. The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those who are planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing, to declare that the LORD is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.

1. The Kingdom is Established. (10)

2. Rest from Enemies. (11)

3. Flourishing in the House of the Lord. (12-14)

a. Palm Trees. They grow upright, reaching to the heavens. They resist pressures; their life is seen in their head.

b. Cedars of Lebanon. Known because they go from height to height. We go from strength to strength, faith to faith, glory to glory.


1. The first anointing frees us. (to be who God wants us to be)

2. The second anointing fills us. (with praise Judah)

3. The third anointing fulfills us. (walk in the promised vision and inheritance)

Psalm 92:13 Those who are planted in the house of the LORD SHALL flourish in the courts of our God.


Psalm 92:10 But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil.

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