Summary: We say Jesus is our Savior, but is He our Lord?

The three “As” of Servanthood:

Jesus has AWARDED all of us talents.

There is always an opportunity of ADVANCEMENT with Jesus.

We can expect some level of ANXIETY associated with Servanthood.

When we take on the mantle of Servanthood it requires discipline.

Theme: Jesus wants all of us to use the talents He gives us wisely!

1.The Award of talents.

a. We must never confuse physical weight with spiritual weight.

b. Who we are in the world does not transcend into the Kingdom of God.

c. It is God alone who decides the amount of talents to be awarded to us.

d. They are given in relationship to our spiritual ability.

e. We have no right to be dissatisfied the amount we receive, whether we think it to be too little or too much.

f. Why? Because God is Sovereign!

2. The Advancement within the Kingdom of God depends on our meritorious service.

a. We must always invest what God has given us immediately.

b. We must invest all that God has given us.

c. We must invest it all now in His Kingdom, here and hereafter.

3. There is always some level of Anxiety when we follow Jesus.

a. We must never see our Lord Jesus as a hard Master.

b. We must never believe that Jesus works in areas that are not His.

c. We must never believe that Jesus takes what is not His to take.

d. We must never be afraid of losing the talents Jesus has given us.

4. When Jesus returns or we go to be with Him will He find us to Winners or Whiners?

5. We should all be ready to hear Jesus say “ Well done, my good and faithful servant!”

6. We have no right to debate with our Lord; we are to simply obey His will.

7. What are you doing with the Talents Jesus have given to you?

Theme: Jesus wants all of us to use the talents He gives us wisely!

Final Point:

Someone once said:

Work like you have no money.

Love like you have never been hurt.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Sing like nobody’s listening.

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.

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