Summary: The Two thieves on the crosses represent the response of sinful man to the Cross of Redemption paid in full by Jesus Christ our Saviour.

I. The Cross of Rebellion-Verse 39

A. Distorted Knowledge of Christ, The Messiah

1. Crowd-Verse 35

2. Soldiers-Verse 36-37

Application: Be careful what you accept as Truth.

B. Deny his Condition

1. Deceitful heart

2. Pride

3. Self-Center

C. Deny his guilt- "Save us"

1. Sinfulness-Romans 3:10-19; Romans 6:23

Application: Denying the conviction of the Holy Spirit

Deny the Truth that God is bringing to


II. The Cross of Resignation-Verse 40-41

A. Change of Direction

1. Previously looked out to the crowds

Matt 27:44

Mark 15: 32

2. Looked within himself-Verse 40

Guilty: No Hope, future death, Fear God

Hebrews 9:27

3. Looked upon Jesus-Verse 42 "And he said unto


a. Turned from uncertainty to surety

b. Turned from fear to peace

c. Turned from death to life

B. Change of Attitude

1. Recognized His Righteousness-V41

2. Resigned to His Lordship-V42

3. Received His Promise-V43

Application: Change of Direction in your life

Change of Attitude in your life

III. The Cross of Redemption-Verse 34 & Verse 43

A. God’s Best and Man’s Worse

B. God’s Love demonstrated and Grace Given Freely

"But God forbid that I should glory save in the

cross of our Lord Jesus Christ..."

Closing: Luke 9:23

The Cross of Rebellion-Don’t carry that one

The Cross of Resignation-Do it today and


The Cross of Redemption.

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