6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Based off of the children tale of the three little pigs, with a twist. A comparison of building on the rock or sand.

“The Three Little Pigs”

Matthew 7:24-29

In this great sermon our Lord preaches, we come to conclusion.

Point 1- Vs13-14, the strait/narrow gate & path.

Point 2- Vs15-20, warning about false prophets lurking outside this gate.

Point 3-Vs21-23, our Lord is continuing this theme, showing the importance of walking the strait & narrow, while the great concern arises about being misled. All the while showing us 2 analogies of two types of fruit & the trees that bear them.

With all of that, we enter a more personal note, that of not someone else leading us astray, but that we are working in the church, feeling good about what we are doing, but all the while, being deceived ourselves of our relationship with Christ!

Satan knew he could not beat the church, so he joined it. Formed a bunch of committees, started social functions, got people real busy so they could not have time to think about the real concern; Relationship…Mary-feet of Jesus/ Martha-worried about being busy.

Now comes the big finish in preaching terms.

3 little pigs…straw, wood, brick…

Here 2 men 2 houses

I. The Builders Vs.24&26

1. wise- hears the message, lives the message

A. trusts & obeys

B. puts to practice the rules & regs of the industry

C. builds a fine home that many generations enjoy

2. foolish- hears the message, ignores the message

A. impatient, looking for shortcuts, wants quick results.

B. mindset, his way better, gets it done now!

C. home built, externally looks same, however…problems

3. both men desired to build a house for their family

II. The Homes Vs.24&26

1. says 2 homes built

2. in same locality,

A.both subject to same tests of weather & conditions

3. possibly same type of house

A.both who built his house

4. similarities on surface identical

5. the big difference

III. The Storm Vs. 25&27

1. Both faced same storm

2. both subject to same conditions

A.rains descended

B.floods came

C.winds blew that beat on the house

IV. The Outcome Vs. 25&27

1. the wise mans house “did not fall” Vs.25

2. the foolish mans house “fell, great was the fall”

V. FEMA’s Investigation Vs. 25&27

1. house 1- built on rock

2. house 2- built on sand

VI. The After Action report

1. house #1;

A. hired a dependable contractor

B. house built according to code

C. well constructed, not rushed

D. great prep work

E. deep foundation- able to stand up to storm

2. house #2;

A. cut cost by using questionable contractor

B. took shortcuts in material & labor

C. rushed process

D. poorly constructed due to above

E. poor prep work

F. no foundation found, starting building on sand

G. house and all belongings, total loss

VII. The Moral to the story

1. Two houses both look the same at first glance cannot tell the difference. Until the storms come! So what was the difference?

2. the foundation; 1- rock, 2- sand

VIII. Four things I want us to look at in this…

1. The Rock – Jesus

2. The House – man

3. The Storm – life trials and testing’s

4. The Sand – Mans philosophy; the world’s teachings

All of us here may look good to each other. But the difference inside can be completely different. I life also must be build on Jesus Christ the Word of God. If we try and build our life with going to church, Being good, living right. Our Spiritual foundations are not visible to one another 1 Corinthians 3:9

Jesus was saying; “what are you going to do with the message you just heard?”

Out of the 3 pigs, only 1 listened!

IV. Astonishment Vs.28-29

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