"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: This sermon unpacks the nature of God the nature of man and the nature of law.

The Three natures: Exodus 19:1 - 34:6

Introduction: The people had been in bondage 430 years, God wonderfully brings deliverance as he had promised, leading them miraculously through the parted Red Sea. Within a three month period they experience deliverance and provision with manna from the sky, water from the rock, then they reach the foot of Mount Sinai – where they will meet with God . Here God will give them special instructions through Moses directing them in a special relationship with Him.

In chapters 19 - 24 a major new development takes place God makes a covenant called the Mosaic covenant. The basic form of this agreement is found in (19:4 - 6.) it takes the form of Gods law . God tells Moses that in the light of Gods deliverance the people will have certain blessings, with one cravat on their part v5 they are to obey God’s law out of love.

There are five blessings here are those blessings......

1. Out of all the nations they would become His treasured possession (special attention) Ex.19:6

2. A kingdom of priests (Special access) Ex.19: 6

3. A Holy nation (Lev 19:2 be holy as I am holy - Influence in the world.) Ex.19:6

4. God will defend them against enemies Ex 23:22.

5. God assures them he will be merciful Ex 34:6- 7

The people reply to God’s promises 19:7- 8 “We will do everything the Lord has said” In chapter 24:7 The book of the covenant was read aloud and the people responded again “We will do everything the Lord has said” and then it was sealed with the sprinkling of blood v8 upon them a sign of consecration.

Today will be looking at 1. The nature of God. 2. The nature of man. 3. The nature of the law

1. The nature of God .19:1 -20:1.

The true nature of course of God is that He is Holy - He is set apart - He is all together different - He is perfect .

Holiness is the essential characteristic and attribute of God’s true nature, All others attributes flow out off.

• I was in B.Q (D.I.Y.STORE) this week getting some paint for these walls in the church and I had it mixed on a machine, but the main ingredient was white their were tints of other colours but the main one used was white... And its the same with God’s Holiness God’s love is a holy love, God’s faithfulness is Holy faithfulness, Gods justice is holy and so on....

Let’s take a look at the circumstances which open up to us His holiness. Firstly because God is Holy one of the requirements of God’s people is that they too be holy nation. EX 19 :6 You will be a kingdom of priests a holy nation. And the same is for us as his people today 1Peter 1:15,16.

a) The consecration of the people v10

Here we see the need for the people to be washed (consecrated - the act of setting apart ) they were to be set apart ready to meet with a Holy God they couldn’t just stroll into Gods presence they needed to be consecrated people in the OT time and time again there was a need for consecration: people (Ex 19:10) priests (Ex 29.) objects (2 Chr 7:5-9) spoils from battle (Jos 6:19) and even animals (Lev 27:28) needed to be consecrated before God.

Cab I ask you a personal question? Have you ever consecrated yourself to God? As we approach a Holy God this morning are you consecrated. God called Moses to consecrate the people (v10 v14) He calls us too to be consecrated people: He is Holy we too are to be Holy (1Pet 1:16) We all need to be consecrated set apart for God - we need to examine ourselves that we are in a right relationship with God.

How are we consecrated before a holy God not by Moses but by Christ through His Word ( Jhn 7:17 ,1Pet2:9). And we are urged to offer ourselves as fully consecrated people (Rom 12:1) .

• Francis Ridley Havergal wrote, Take my life, and let it be consecrated Lord, to Thee.

b) The consecrated place v12 v17 v23

Again speaks of Gods Holy nature , they could only go so far , they could’nt go up the mountain there was limits to where the people could go, if they were to go further they would be put to death. They could only stand at the foot of the mountain. The mountain where God would come down would be a holy place v23 set it apart as holy.

Later in the life of Israel we see through the ceremonial law that has always been limits to where the people could go to approach God the temple courtyard then into the Holy place and the Holy of Holies. A Place separated from the rest of worship area by a sacred veil, represented the visible presence of God in all his power and holiness. In this room was the ark of the covenant covered by the sacred mercy seat (Ex 25:10-22). Only the High priest could go in once a year on the Day of Atonement for the sins of the people (Lev 16). These boundaries and limits point to Gods Holy nature once again.

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