Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Resurrection Sunday 2003. he power of the resurrection works on every area of our lives.

* I Corinthians 15:1-11

Because Jesus resurrected from the grave we can be sure that He will fulfill His promises to us and that one day we will also be resurrected from our graves if we should die before He comes back.

Notice; the first three things that Paul tells the Corinthian Church in this passage:

1. The Gospel needs to be declared

2. It must be received in order to have a possitive affect in our lives.

3. And we must stand on the promises of the Gospel.

"I declare unto you the Gospel which I preached unto you which you have received and on which you stand".

#1) We have a solid foundation to stand on because Jesus resurrected from the grave as He promised.

Without the resurrection, our Gospel would be like everyone elses. This is the one thing that seperates our religion from all others.

God is the only one that has the power for resurrection.

Mohamed is dead, Budda is dead, confusious is dead, but Jesus is alive.

The good news is that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and He resurrected. Without the latter the Gospel would be incomplete. We stand on this truth(Paul said; "and on which you stand")

because of the resurrection we have a sure foundation.

without it all that man could look forward to is an empty grave. But because Christ has risen we will also.

#2) The resurrection power of God is enough to resurrect you in Christ. But also:

Your health

your family to salvation

your marriage

your religion

and anything else in your life

#3) The resurrection needs to be declared. (Paul said; "I declare unto you")

To declare is to make known.

The resurrection is proof that God really cares (Rom.4:25,Rom.10:9,Rom.8:11).

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