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Summary: This is the first message of my Lenten series on Jesus. This message is about the transforming power of the touch of Jesus.

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b.) The transforming touch

1.) Jesus physically touched the man: Jesus rubbed the mud on his eyes and it was this touch that revealed His plan.

2.) Jesus emotionally touched the man: Jesus revealed the love of God through His compassion and reaching out to this man

3.) Jesus spiritually touched this man: When the miracle took place the man believed in the power of Jesus.

2. Jesus sends the man to Siloam

a.) Jesus was sent by God. Earlier in the passage Jesus told the disciples that He was sent by God to do the work of His Father. Jesus send the man to the Pool of Silaom, which means “sent”

b.) This very well could have been a way that Jesus was trying to communicate who He was to this man because Jesus was the one God had sent to His people.

III. The testimony (8-12)

A. The reception

1. The man went home with his sight

a.) The man went to the pool blind and walked home with his sight. Can you imagine what this must have been like? This was a day of wonders and worthy of celebration.

b.) When he arrives back in his neighborhood he expected them to celebrate with him but instead he gets a third degree investigation

2. The response of the people

a.) The amazement and denial: The neighbors can’t believe what they were seeing. The man born blind was now walking around with his sight and some even tried to deny he was the same person.

b.) These neighbors don’t ask for a reason. They demanded an answer from the man. What a horrible attitude these people had! I have seen the same attitude from church people when God does something wonderful and they focus on all of the wrong things.

B. The response

1. The man recounts the earlier events

a.) The first thing that the man does is identify Jesus as the one who healed him. After all we do need to give credit where credit is due. The people just want to find Jesus to prove the story

b.) The man explains the process

1.) Jesus made mud and put it on his eyes

2.) Jesus told him to wash in the pool of Silaom

3.) The man’s eyes were healed

2. The man was now filled with faith in Jesus

a.) Faith is like a magnet. It can attract some people and it will repel some people. The faith of this man seems to repel his neighbors

b.) There will always be those who will reject and deny the work of God in our lives. Our task is to do our very best to share the love of Christ with others and do his work to the best of our ability


What area of your life needs the touch of Jesus today? What part of your life needs the transforming power of Jesus? He is here and he is ready to supply everything that you need.

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