Summary: There is no greater touch than the touch of the Master’s hand.

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

Matthew 8:1-4

Sometimes we only think of Jesus as healing our physical or spiritual needs, but did you ever think about the fact that Jesus cares for your emotional needs as well. Today we will look at Jesus healing of a leper as recorded in Matthew 8:1-4.

To truly get a feel for this account we need to understand the social stigma of leprosy in the time of Christ. To be a leper meant banishment from society, from friends, from loved ones. And a label was placed upon you for life...unclean. You were required to yell unclean if anyone approached. Unclean would be your standing in the eyes of the world.

In Matthew’s account of this encounter we can know a few things coming in. This man had nothing left but a need for the Savior. He was blemished. He was outcast. He dreamed about the touch of another person. He dreamed of acceptance. He dreamed of seeing love and compassion in another’s eyes. He longed to be held, hugged, pat on the back.

It was this man’s condition that caused him to seek out the Savior. When we look at the disease of our soul...sin, we realize we need to meet the Savior. This leper knew there was nothing he could do to heal himself, it would take someone more powerful than he. Our situation really is no different. We are born into sin. We alone are powerless to overcome our sin nature. He had heard that Jesus could heal. We have heard that Jesus can heal/save/wash away our sin.

We learn an important lesson about our Savior. We must come to Him with a broken and contrite heart. The man was broken before the Savior and he was in no position to bargain or make demands. He humbled himself before Jesus. He recognized Jesus’ ability to heal and humbly asked that it be done.

We learn that Jesus is attentive to our needs. Jesus knows what you need. The man needed to be healed, but Jesus knew that he longed for the touch of another.

Jesus could have healed him with a word or the snap of a finger, but Jesus knew the importance of the touch.

The touch brought comfort/the words brought healing.

God touches us to show His love and to grab our undivided attention. The touch is a sign of affection/endearment.

This man was healed because he had faith in Jesus. He recognized his need and asked for help in humility.

The man was commanded to show himself to the priest as proof of his healing. This showing was testimony to the healing power of Jesus. When we truly experience the touch of the Master’s hand our lives will show evidence of His healing/cleansing power.

Have you experienced the Master’s touch. Do you recognize your need for healing. Allow Jesus to touch your life today.

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