Summary: This devotional can be used for a prayer meeting or Bible study. It examines the wonderful grace of God in Romans 8:1-4

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Romans 8:1-4

Intro: Rom. 8 is the great peak of doctrine & experience in this epistle. This chapter declares the victory we have through the Holy Spirit. This chapter gives us the answer to mans sinfulness which is the sanctifying Spirit. The rescue of the human from the carnal & its fulfillment in the spiritual stand in stark contrast from the misery of chapter 7.

This “Triumph of Grace” is seen in:

I. Our Standing in Christ. Vs. 1 …no condemnation…

The triumph of Grace begins w/deliverance. Thank God that the Gospel is more than negatives. No condemnation means freedom from guilt which comes from the presence & practice of sin. Since all have sinned (3:23), & the wages of sin is death (6:23), the human race lives w/t fear of death & the guilt of sin. But Jesus came to deliver us from the guilt & condemnation of sin. Wesley, commenting on this verse said, “He hath forgiven all their iniquities, & blotted out all their sins. And there is no condemnation to them from within; for they ‘have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; that they might know the things which are freely given to them of God’ (1 Cor. 2:12); which Spirit "beareth witness with their spirits, that they are the children of God."

But this absence of condemnation is for those who are in Christ Jesus. To be in Christ Jesus means we belong to Christ; live in union in Christ; walk in newness of life. Just as the branch receives life & nourishment from the vine so we who are in Christ do as well. I Cor. 1:30, But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God--& righteousness & sanctification & redemption. (NKJV)

The “Triumph of Grace” is seen in:

II. Our Separation from Sin. Vs. 2-3. Vs. 2, …free from the law of sin & death.

The law of sin & death is the authority & control of sin over us. The purpose of sin is to lead us to death. Sin, when it is finished, brings forth death. God’s law says “Thou shall not”; the law of sin says “Thou shall.” God’s law says “Thou shall”; the law of sin says; Thou shall not.” Sin sets up a rival kingdom in our heart & promises us a throne from which we can rule our kingdom. Sin rules through our human nature, which is not strong enough in itself to overcome sin. Sin infects us w/t desire to be our own boss! This desire for freedom w/o God’s law is the carnal mind.

But the spiritual man has surrendered his life to the control of the Spirit. He liberates us from the authority & control of sin. In place of death & defeat, there is purity & power. God’s Spirit writes a new law on the table of our heart; the law of love that liberates us from the control of the flesh.

This “Triumph of Grace” is seen in:

III. Our Security for Righteous Living. Vs. 4,…who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Though flesh, redeemed & purified is a marvelous servant, it is still not fit to be in control of our lives. God, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, is the only one who has the wisdom & the power to fill that role.

Our duty is to:

 -->Walk in the Direction of the Holy Spirit. Walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

 -->Walk in the Discipline of the Spirit & not according to the undisciplined & unrestrained suggestions, impulses, & cravings of our human nature.

Discipline our minds to concentrate on the things of the Spirit, rather than the flesh.

-->Walk in the Dynamic of the Holy Spirit. Walk in power & fullness.

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