Summary: The triumphal entry was significant not only to the people of Jesus' days but to Christians throughout history.



TEXT: JOHN 12:12-19.


It becomes clear that the triumphal entry was a significant event, not only to the people of Jesus' day but to Christians throughout history. We celebrate Palm Sunday to remember that momentous occasion. We will see reasons for this kind of entry to Jerusalem and how it affects our life according to the account in the gospel of John.


Jesus Christ must be prepared before His triumphant journey to Jerusalem, there was a fulfilment of the prophecy about His death. Mary anointed His feet with the alabaster oil. Why did Jesus make the statement in John 13:8, does it mean that He didn't regard the poor or He was just selfish? Who was this Mary? - John 12:2-3, We must note that Mary of Bethany is different from Mary Magdalene - Luke 8:2 (She is from Magdala, the woman that Jesus cast seven demons from her). Judas Iscariot was a thief although counted as a disciple of Christ, because he misused the money of the church by using it for his personal needs - John 12:4-6 but Jesus Christ taught us the right attitude in handling the wealth of the ministry before His death.


1) Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone : John 12:24

We cannot bear any fruit until we die to the flesh. There must be a time of falling down and dying to worldliness before we can be valuable spiritually. The more we die, the more we produce fruits.

2) He that loves his life shall lose it - John 12:25

Is Jesus saying that we should hate ourselves? No, but rather our living should be in Christ and the old life of having pleasures in sin must be abandoned for God.

3) If we serve Jesus, let us follow Him : John 12:26

We should not be a hireling or borrowed vessels. Service to God should be done rightly. Serve God as you walk with God, He expect service from a pure and worthy vessel. We should aspire to be more "hard walking" with God than "hardworking" with God.

4) The judgment of the world and Satan : John 12:28-31

Satan and his kingdom was judged and the position and dominion he took from man was restored. He is no longer the prince of our world but Jesus is our Prince of peace.

5) If Christ is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself: John 12:32-33

When we focus on the cross of Jesus Christ and direct the attention of people to it, we are saving men for God which is the solution to the problems facing man.

6) Believe and walk in the Light: John 12:35-36

Believing and walking in the light, empowers us and gives direction. It expels darkness and we become the children of light.

Question & Answer: What should be our major attitude to people that oppose our faith - John 12:47-48.

7) We are created to praise God : Luke 19:40, Psalm 150

We are created to praise the Lord and give him thanks in any situation we find ourselves- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

8) The house of God is a house of prayers : Luke 19:45-46. Psalm 24:3-5

Jesus Christ taught that His house of prayer, by teaching the people and healing all that were sick in the temple. We are not permitted to physically flog people but we can use the word of God to rebuke, correct and discipline in the house of God. Mark 11:17

CONCLUSION: May we not be like those people that shout Hossanah to Jesus Christ and later shouted, 'Crucify Him'. As the tied ass was loosed, so shall we be loosed too but remember that the first and primary purpose of losing the ass was for the Master's use. Luke 19:30-31.

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