Summary: Jesus bodly proclaimed Himself Messiah and King when He entered Jerusalem. In much the same way, He desires to enter our hearts as our King and Savior today. The question is, will you recieve Him, or reject Him?

Introduction: Jesus entered Jerusalem with resounding praise and acceptance from His disciples and the multitude. But the temple leaders rejected Him as their Messiah and King. Who will you be like when Jesus comes to enter your life... the disciples who rejoiced at His triumphal entry or the temple leaders who rejected Him?

I. Jesus is the Messiah - He fulfilled the scriptures (Zechariah 9:9)

A. The disciples were convinced and they obeyed Him (v.32)

B. The disciples were unashamed and called Him Lord (v. 34)

C. Are you convinced? Are you unashamed?

II. Jesus enters Jerusalem - He is received and praised (v. 37-38)

A. Many humbled themselves (v. 36)

B. Many rejoiced and praised Him openly (v. 37)

C. Will you open up your heart and let Him in?

D. You’ll be glad and rejoice (v. 38)

III. Jesus answers His critics (v. 39-40)

A. Some resisted and rejected who He is. Will you?

B. His disciples continued praising Him regardless of those who were critical of Jesus

C. Even nature understands who He is (v. 40) Do you?

How to receive Jesus Christ:

1. Confess your sin to Jesus Christ in prayer

2. Turn away from your sinful pursuits

3. Turn to Jesus Christ in faith

4. Believe in Jesus with all your heart that He is Messiah, Savior and King

5. Ask Him to come into your heart and life

6. Ask Him to give you His power and His Holy Spirit

7. Now, He has promised to forgive you, cleanse you and stay with you forever. Amen


1. Give the new believer a bible

2. Connect the new believer with an appropriate bible study or Sunday School class

3. Speak to the new believer about following the Lord in water baptism

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