Summary: This march is not like other conquering heroes march, it begins before the victory, and takes the Victor to Calvary the place of the triumph.

The Triumphal Entry

Matt 21:1-11

Every conquering hero has a “victor’s parade.” The march goes through the countryside with the foot soldiers leading, maybe charioteers or cavalry to follow, with the captives somewhere in the middle. The conquering hero would come from the rear riding high receiving adulations from the crowd.

Zech 9:9 says Behold your king comes to you gentle and riding on a donkey.

However, this march is different

1. It did not follow a victory it preceded it.

2. It did not begin in Jericho, Galilee, Nazareth, or even Bethlehem.

3. It began in the Garden of Eden with the sound of the crunching of the forbidden fruit. It was here that Jesus began his triumphal march to Calvary.

Illustration (from “The angels were silent” by Max Lucado) Alexander Borisov, a priest, during the revolution in Russia. He went into battle with the tanks and soldiers carrying New Testaments. Moscow was under siege, the people were oppressed, and Borisov went into battle. If the soldiers would not listen he would hand them the New Testaments, he figured if they read it they would not kill their fellow Russians. One soldier emptied his ammo pouch to carry the Bible. Go into battle carrying the Word of God and its promises.

Jesus went on this March with the Promise of God “On the Third I will raise you from the Dead.”

Hall of Famers who went to battle carrying the Promises of God

1. Moses went into battle with Pharaoh carrying the staff of God and this command Let MY People Go.

2. David went into battle with a Giant carrying a slingshot and 5 smooth stones, and the Promise God will deliver this Giant to David.

3. Rahab went into Battle with a scarlet Cord and the Promise

4. Jesus went into battle, He is the Word of God, and he had his Fathers promise.

The Title Son of Man appears about 78 times in the Gospels, 77 times Jesus uses it referring to himself. It is a title of power and authority, but to suffer, this was foreign to the Jews.

When I get to heaven, I want to meet this unnamed man who gave his donkey and colt without question, simply because “The Lord needs it.”

I want to ask him several questions

1. How did you know?

2. Did you get a spiritual telegram?

3. Was it hard to give?

How do we act when we know that God needs something we have?

1. We act as if we do not know.

2. We act like we have never heard.

I also want to know from this unnamed man;

1. How did you feel when you saw Jesus riding your donkey?

2. Did you know that your generous gift would be used for such a noble cause?

3. How would we feel?

Each of us has a Donkey

1. The Lord has need of it. (Original language says It’s Lord has need of it)

2. We have everything we need to evangelize the world, send missionaries, support our youth. It is your donkey. It’s Lord has need of it.

2 Cor 9:7 says that the Lord loves a cheerful giver. The Lord loves it when we give what He needs to further his story down the road. He loves it when we give it cheerfully. This guy is on a long list of “donkey” givers.

Moses, Rahab, David, Samson, Mary the mother of Jesus (gave her womb), the innkeeper (manger), Mary the sister of Lazarus (her alabaster jar), Simon the Cyrene gave his back.

We may never know why the Lord may need it, but all we have to know is that the Lord needs it, we have it, and it will carry His Story down the road.

The sower of small seeds may never know the extent of the harvest. (Max Lucado; “And the Angels were silent)

When I think of this, I am reminded of that Song “Thank You.” The recipient never knew the extent of the harvest of their gift. But God does.

There is another story about an old Hawaiian woman, she did not have much, but she had a talent for carving. She carved out what looks like an open book. On one side she puts a picture of her friend or family member. On the other side there is a scripture verse. Her reason for such a gift is that people love to look at pictures of them, so every time they see their picture they will see the Bible verse, it may get them to read it completely.

So when we get to heaven and pass the “Donkey givers” Hall of Fame, do not be surprised to see David’s slingshot, Rahab’s cord, Moses’ rod, this man’s donkey bridle, and a small wooden open book. It is the small seeds, given cheerfully, that yield the biggest harvest.

Give your donkey, “It’s Lord has need of it.”

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