Summary: Victory in Jesus through hard times.

With all the bad weather, I can’t imagine that I am the only one who has driven on ice. It can be incredibly frightening to hit a patch of ice. Why? Because you lose control of the car and slide, spin, and even crash into other people and objects. I remember clearly on Tuesday, February 19th, Amy and I were going into Quincy around 5 p.m. and everything seemed fine since the highways were clear. It did seem to be getting slick out so I slowed down to around 25 to 30 mph. Well, a car behind me didn’t find that to be a smart move and came barreling down on us at probably 45 mph. So, I decided that I would pull off to the shoulder to get out of the way. Little did I know that the shoulder was a solid sheet of ice and as soon as my front wheels made contact we were sent into a spin. It can be frightening to lose control and power over a vehicle.

It can be frightening to lose control of your health or your family’s health. Mayah gives me the biggest scares over the smallest things. She has her own little mind and her own little world with no discretion for dangerous activities. So far, she has tried to climb the stairs twice and slid down after about two steps both times. Normally, we catch her when the gate isn’t up but just the other day she was crawling around and the gate was gone. Well, about one minute after she started heading that way, I stood up and started to go get her to prevent her from climbing the stairs. I stepped twice and then heard “thump thump, thump, splat” and then “wahhhhhhhhhhh!” I seriously think my heart skipped a beat but thankfully she was perfectly fine. Losing control can be very scary.

Losing control over your life personally can also be a scary event. Life throws some crazy stuff our way and can really throw us for a loop. Losing our jobs, fighting with our spouse and not even understanding why we fought, feeling insecure about being a father and husband or mother and wife, and so many others can cause us to doubt ourselves and feel weak and empty. It’s scary to think about how much we can’t control in this lifetime. Sometimes, life throws so much at us that we feel like we are in an endless spiral, spinning at uncontrollable speeds. Everything seems to be happening around us instead of with us involved.

Losing control of your life can be very scary but that is exactly what Christ asks us to do. “Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.” I want you to find true victory in your life. Today I want you to find the control you’ve been missing but first you must realize that victory will not come by your efforts alone. You cannot win in this life by yourself. You need Jesus Christ to give you victory. Some of you may be very scared of this prospect: giving up your control over your life. Your freedom to do whatever you would like may feel as though it will disappear. Yet, in Christ, with Him in control, you will find a greater freedom. You will have peace and assurance that when life throws all those curveballs; He can anchor you in the storm. He can enter your life like a triumphant King, conquering all your fears, doubts, regrets, and sins. God gives you victory over life!

In all of the gospels, (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), you will find the account of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Today, we will look at Luke 19:28-44. Allow me to summarize the story so you know what happened that day. Jesus was coming from the east towards Jerusalem. He had just healed people in Jericho and was now walking around and down a small mountain, Mount Olivet. As He walks down this barren road, He could see into Jerusalem and especially the temple courts. He sends a couple of His disciples to go and get a young donkey and even tells them where it is tied up. He even warns them that others will question their actions and all they are to say is, “The Lord has need of it.” I don’t know about you but if someone came up to my car and got in it and then said, “The Lord has need of it,” I would probably call the cops. Yet, the owners of the colt let it go. The men then place their coats on it and Jesus rides the colt. It’s never been ridden and yet He just climbs on! A crowd starts to build along the road as Jesus rides towards Jerusalem. People begin shouting in praise, “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord; Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” They even began laying their clothes and palm branches on the road for Him to ride on. He was getting the royal treatment when a few Pharisees decided that was enough. They demanded that Jesus shut the people up! How dare He accept such praise?! Jesus replies simply, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!”

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