Summary: A series of messages based on the 10 Commandments

“The Truth About Truth” - #1


Exodus 20:1-2

* In 1994, in his book Right from Wrong, Josh McDowell, gave us some startling facts (which by the way are probably much worse today). In the last 3 months: 66% of teenagers lied to teachers, parents, and/or some adult. 59% of teenagers lied to their peers. 36% of teenagers cheated on an exam. 57% of them does not believe there exist an objective standard for truth. Also, some 85% believe that just because something is wrong for YOU, doesn’t mean it is wrong for me.

* Where did thinking like this come from? Our Culture, our Court system, our Constitution, or maybe even our churches? Our culture has seemingly redefined truth as “no truth.” This has caused a decline of our society into relativism and or secularism. Our court system gives a confusing view of truth by their inconsistencies. While our constitution is unchanging, the revisionists have made it a football.

* Let’s get a good definition for truth; It is that which is true for all people, at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances.

* If truth exists, where do we find it? This world may like it or not, want it or not, believe it or not, or live like it or not, but truth always has been, is found, and always will be found in Jehovah God and His Word.

* Tonight, we begin a series of messages entitled, “the truth about truth.” We begin in Exodus 20.

* Judge Roy Moore is a name which will live in history. He literally lost his job over His commitment to display the 10 commandments. Probably, if he had it to do all over again, his approach might be a little different, but consider this; the very document that our nation’s government was founded on, that is seen above the chief justice’s seat in US Supreme court, that the AL constitution is founded upon.

* Each of us already know the depth of this struggle goes deeper than simply a judicial decision, a CNN report, an impeachment, or even a debate. The truth is: This is a spiritual battle and it is a battle that is being lost without being fought. It appears that the election process is becoming a joke as it is not the “good book” but the “pocket book”.

* There exist a need to not only know, understand, and embrace this Decalogue given by God Himself.

* To introduce & give an overview, I offer 4 thoughts.


* “Any law, government, principle, truth, rule, or truths, are as strong as its creator. Let me illustrate: If tonight we were to make a motion and pass it, that the blue parking spaces in town were only for Mitsubishi automobiles, what would be the outcome? We could tell people, put it in the paper, or even on television, but would that matter? What would happen if the city council passed that law?

* The Bible says, “then God.” If you look back over the other times that “God” “has been” from the beginning. You will discover that God possesses all authority and power.(19:16; 20:18)

* I submit that we have forgotten the power, how awesome, how omnipotent God is. In verse 2 we see two names for God. First is Lord, which is Eloheem which means ruler, followed by God which means Jehovah meaning self existent, eternal, Lord GOD.

* Consider this, when God is first all of creation.


* And God SPOKE seeing this reminds me of 3 things. 1st; Who He Is. Moses asked that question and God said, “I am.” “I am what?” We find the answers to that in that journey.

* Next, What He Does. He does what He always does, and it’s found right here. “I am the Lord Your God, ‘who brought you out’…” God is in the business of deliverance.

* Finally, What He Expects. God does NOT ‘bait & switch.” He expects the same things today as He did yesterday & will tomorrow. He expects us to recognize Him for who He is and then respond to His words accordingly. Vs1-2.

* It is against this backdrop that HE hands down the 10 commandments. Let me just make a couple of observations for us;

* First; they are all stated in the imperative. They are not suggestions or questions.

* Next; the first 4 speaks to Man’s relationship to God. The last 6 speaks of Man’s relationship to Man.

* Finally; Eight of the 10 are stated in the negative sense. (I.E. ‘thou shall not’)

* Let me offer you some reasons God gave these;

* To mark believers & non-believers/ Jn 15

* To define sin / Rom 7:7

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