Summary: Star Wars, the movie, pales in comparison with the Earth Wars we’re experiencing today.

The Truth behind Star Wars


Randy Croft

I was driving for work near Niagara Falls one day and spotted America’s favorite spot...Taco Bell. I drove around, found a parking spot, and walked in to order my two all bean patties, special sauce, onions, chesse, and pickles on a sesame seed tortilla (so to speak). Now it’s no secret that Taco Bell was a major sponsor of the Star Wars Movie: The Phantom Menace. The windows had the faces of the characters, and inside you could order little toys with your meals. One of their offerings is a cup of some of the stars...Anakin the little boy, Jar Jar Binks- the weird underworld creature, and Darth Maul- the evil Sith Lord.

Guess which one was the most popular...Darth Maul. Guess which action character was selling the most at toy stores...some shelves literally emptied the same day they received the Darth Maul action too much demand.

The interesting thing about the whole Star Wars series is that the most popular star is Darth Vador, then Darth Maul. The evil nemesis to the Empire.

Now we all know that Star Wars is just a movie...or is it. Some people are fanatic about the movies and the books, and the collectibles. Some have made a religion out of Star Wars. You know what George Lucas, the billionaire director and author said about his Star Wars movie "It’s just a movie, It’s no big deal. I don’t think it’s altogether that well-made a movie."


Just a movie? Is it just a movie? Sure it is...but we are involved in a Star Wars and the arch nemesis to the empire makes Darth Vador and Darth Maul look like girl scouts. I believe that one of the greatest deceptions that will hit our world in the last days will be the belief that Satan does not really exist...Satan...just symbolic of evil, just like Darth Maul and Darth Vador. But a personal being? Nah. Couldn’t be? Prince of Darkness? Isn’t that one of those WWF wrestlers on tv?

Earlier this decade, George Barna, a well-known pollster, interviewed thousands of churches if they believed Satan was a literal being or simply symbolic of evil. Results might surprise you. Only 52% of Christians who considered themselves "Born Again" believe in a literal Satan. Half. Bible believing, born again, Christians...don’t believe in Satan.

Non-Christians do...50 million Americans are dabbling in the New Age and the occult as we speak. When I lived in Eugene area, there were more New Age bookstores than Christian bookstores...2 to 1. The Satanic Bible has sold over 600,000 copies. Heavy metal music (thrash metal and black metal included) sells millions of cd’s a year. We shouldn’t be surprised, most Christians don’t believe in Satan. My grandmother, who lives in Clackamas, OR used to live with an aunt when she was younger. Her aunt was a spiritualist and would have seances in her home...I asked my grandmother about this a couple years ago, and while she doesn’t like to talk about it...she believed that some of the things she saw and heard could not be attributed to trickery or sleight of hand.

When I was in Zambia I attended an exorcism of some spirits that were plaguing a teenage girl. I believe that what I experienced was not normal...she was definitely a different person when the experience of prayer and ministering over her was completed...

There was a popular Christian speaker, pastor and author who took a psychologist friend of his to go pray for a woman who was being harassed by Satan. Some people said she was possessed, but they went to pray for her. Before they entered her house, the psychologist said "I want you to know that I do not believe in demonic possession. This girl must be mentally disturbed."

"Well," said the pastor, "That may well be. We’ll soon find out."

As they went into the room and closed the door, the girl’s supernatural strength was soon revealed. Suddenly from her body a totally foreign voice said quietly, with a smirk on her face "We will outlast you."

The psychologist looked at the minister "What was that?"

"That is what you don’t believe in."

They spent about 3 ½ hours praying over what the psychologist didn’t believe in until that woman had freedom. Jesus believed in releasing people from spiritual bondage from the dark side...

Are we so intelligent today that Satan doesn’t need to bother with us anymore...or are the tactics of the dark side more hidden, overlooked, subtle?

Two Dangers in this Star Wars, especially concerning the Dark Side

C.S. Lewis wrote in his book The Screwtape Letters, "There are two equal and opposite errors about devils...One is to disbelieve their existence, the other is to develop an unhealthy interest in them." Where do you fall in this spectrum...too much attention to the dark side...or indifference.

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