Summary: A fun sermon for Christmas.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Cardiff Heights Baptist

25th December 2000

(As we went through the twelve days of Christmas people were given

objects; instruments and instructions about what to do and asked to do

demonstrations. It created a fun celebratatory atmosphere and at the

end of the message we sung the song with all the people who were

“volunteered” doing their thing)

Knock! Knock!

(Whose there?)


(Mary Who?)

Mary Christmas

That’s my gift to you. A bad joke so that the jokes you are going to get

from those christmas bon bon cracker things won’t seem quite so bad.

One of the things Catherine did this year was to put all our Christmas

cards on the blinds of the window in the living room. There are quite a

few of them but everytime we get a descent gust of wind, something very

welcome with the heat we have been experiencing, but all these cards

would blow off. So I thought I would bring in a few and do a brief survey

of the different kinds of cards that we got this year.

The classic nativity scene was of course amongst the cards but the three

kings seemed to be the card of choice amongst the cards with a religious

orientation. This ingenius card managed to capture both. Thanks


The scenery shots were also a popular choice, of course the scenery

was always snow covered houses and other scenes foriegn to my

Christmas experience.

Of course there were the Santa cards. This is a particularly jolly Santa

dancing and playing his flute with birds fluttering about. This ones from

Bob and Pam. Cool

Then there’s the icon kind of cards the Christmas tree and the wreath.

Oh the Brown’s

But these one’s are my favourite’s. “Season’s Greetings”. Don’t you just

love it when someone sends you a card that says, “Hi, its summer”. And

here’s another that says hi its summer. Wait a sec these caroler’s all

have winter clothes on. A confused season’s greetings.

The other thing that this card reminds us of at Christmas is the singing of

Christmas songs. While I have heard lots of Christmas songs sung this

year there is one that I haven’t heard. Well there are probably lots but for

the purposes of this sermon we’ll say one. And that song is the twelve

days of Christmas.

At first glance this song doesn’t seem to have much to do with

Christianity but this was intentional. From 1558 to 1829 Roman

Catholic’s in England were not able to practice their faith openly so they

had to find other ways to pass on their beliefs. The song “The Twelve

Days of Christmas” is one example of how they did it.

The last time through the song we sing: “On the twelfth day of Christmas

my true love gave to me...”

Can anyone guess who the true love might be. God.... God is our one

true and perfect love.

What was the Twelfth gift from the true love? “Twelve drummers

drumming”. The twelve drummers drumming were the twelve points of

the Apostles’ Creed. I won’t read it but it is a statement of the Christian

faith. It tells us about who the Father is...who Jesus is and who the Holy

Spirit is.

What was the Eleventh gift from the true love? Eleven pipers piping. The

“eleven pipers piping” were the eleven ‘faithful’ disciples. I love this Bible

over here. It has pictures. You have the eleven disciples all looking nice

and trustworthy and then you have Judas looking all weedy and evil.


What was the tenth gift from the true love? Ten Lords a leaping. The ten

lords a leaping were the ten commandments.

No other Gods; no idols; misusing the Lord’s name; Rmember the

Sabbath; Honour your parents, don’t murder, committ adultery, steal, lie

or covet. A gift to know the will of God.

What was the ninth gift? Nine ladies dancing. The “nine ladies dancing”

were the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit found in the book of Galatians.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentlness

and self-control.

What about the eigth gift? Eight maids a milking. The “eight maids

a-milking” were the eight beatitudes. They gave importance to the week,

the poor and the meek... the opposite to where the world puts

importance. Just as Christ’s birth turned the world on his head so did his

message. His message was revolutionary to the way the world wants to


What was the seventh gift? Seven Swans a swimming. The “seven

swans a-swimming” were the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in

Romans 12:6-8.

Read Romans 12:6-8

What was the sixth gift? Six geese a-laying. The “six geese a-laying”

were the six days of creation. Reminding us that God is the creater of all

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