Summary: Some beautiful similarities between the first Adam and the last Adam; Jesus Christ with one exceptional difference.

The Two Adams (Romans 5:12-18)

I. Both Adams:

(a) had a bride: Adam-Eve & Christ-His Church

(b) had a tree of death in their lives: Adam-the tree

of knowledge of good and evil.

Christ-the cross

(c) knew sin by that tree.

(d) ate out of love for their bride. (The apostle Paul

tells us in 1 Timothy 2:14 that Adam was not

deceived. That means Adam knew he would die

when he ate of the forbidden fruit. He knew he

could not escape the judgement of God as

thought his wife Eve. ergo, he ate out of love.

Conclusion: the first Adam ate so that he could be

with his bride. The second Adam ate so that His bride

could be with Him.

Some might say since Adam ate so he could be with

his bride, and Jesus went to the cross so His bride

could be with Him, that Jesus died only for His bride

(the elect).

But others would say; yes Jesus died for His bride, as

Adam died for Eve, but that Eve is called the mother

of all living, therefore Christ died for the whole


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