Summary: Sermon comparing and contrasting the two appearances of Christ and the two types of people who will be alive at His second appearance.

The Two Comings of Christ

Hebrews 9: 26-28

I. Christ’s First Coming- V.26 He has appeared.

a. Came as a Man- He exchanged the glorious for the mortal- nothing extraordinary to look at.

b. Came, as a Sin-offering- He was sinless yet he took our sins upon Himself. He was a one-time offering unlike the priests who made a sacrifice every year.

c. His suffering was temporary. Even as bad as it was it was a temporary situation; he arose to glory.

d. His accomplishments- His unselfish act allowed the chasm of sin to be bridged between man and God. We can now approach God. His first coming gives us rest and sanctuary from sin.

II. Christ’s Second Coming. V 28 He will appear.

a. He is coming as God. He has put off the mortal and is now glorious. Everyone will instantly recognize him, even the unbelievers will know who He is.

b. He is coming sinless. He will again be sinless but this time He will not be here to pay the penalty for sin but will be here to judge those in their sins. Verse 28 “without reference to sin” means the time of grace for sin will then be over.

c. His suffering was temporary when He came the first time, this time our reward will be eternal. Reward for both the Godly and the ungodly.

d. His second coming is our hope. First coming gave us freedom from sin; second coming will give us eternal freedom from this world. The grave cannot hold any of His children.

III. The Two types of people who will see Him.

a. Those who aren’t looking for Him—non-Christians. People of the world who do not believe. Like in the days of Noah; no one besides Noah and his family believed that it would rain. When it started I’m sure that everyone believed then but it was too late.

b. Those who are looking for Him—Christians. They are expectantly awaiting his return. Another translation= eagerly expecting His return.

1. Matthew Henry says that this shows the true Christians- those who are looking for Him- deeds not words often tell the true story.

2. Parable of the 10 Virgins (Matt. 25: 1-13) ends with a warning from the Lord, “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.” We are warned to LOOK for Him. BE READY! And again with this scripture we see the two groups separated; believers and unbelievers.

3. My child’s Story; I left the room with my child coloring at the table. When I suddenly enter back into the room, she’s caught under the table doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Daddy could come back at any time! Live your life everyday like Daddy could come back at any moment. He could!

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