Summary: There are two sides of the Cross are you on one of them?

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The two sides

There are always two side of everything including both sides of the cross that Jesus died on. Jesus was on one side of the cross and we are on the other side with him when he died. Jesus died for our sin right from the beginning. The sin that Adam and Eve committed in the garden was paid for on the cross when Jesus died. Everyone looks to see Jesus on the cross but never looks to the empty side of the cross where we are right there with him.

There are always two side of everything. Front and back. The front and back of anything is where you are standing. If you stand on the side there still is a front and back. There are four sides to everything but only a front and a back. If you stand on the left side and look at it there is still a front and a back. Even tho the cross had four sides because the wood was cut on all four sides there still is only front and back. The side Jesus was on the back side that was empty. But that is where we are and we are all there looking up to heaven asking God for forgiveness for our sin and sins.

Now the thing I am trying to get across there are two sides of everything. Even right and wrong are two sides of a conversation. Who is right and who is wrong. The thing is you both might be right in the right situation. It like when there is a war who is right and who is wrong? Sometimes we will never know because the one that won the war was the only one left standing. So that mean they are right because there is no one left to tell them they are wrong. So no matter what if they are wrong or right they are right now because they are the only one left.

Remember one thing if you don’t remember anything else. Your perception of anything is to look at both sides of everything. Like is there a God? Well if there was no God then who created all this? Water, fire, air, plants, people, could not have just happened at any time in history. If that was the case the earth would have blown up years ago or never even existed. I really want you to explain water, fire, anything that is alive and walking around here on earth. How about everything we see here on earth. Man can fix the things that man has made and that means God can fix the many things that God has made.

The perception of God giving away the free Gift of salvation unto everyone here on earth is the best gift anyone has ever given out to anyone. The free gift of salvation is the only way we have to get back to heaven through Jesus that died on the cross for our sin. Because of that we now have a liven helper. The Holy Ghost comes into our soul and lives there and guides us in our daily lives forever and ever.

Now to get you to understand who the Holy Ghost is and why it is so important to understand who and why we need this in our lives.

Go to me now to John 14:20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

The definition of death is the separation of body and soul.

When Jesus died on the cross his spirit left his body and was and is the Holy Ghost. So Jesus’s spirit is the Holy Ghost that lives within us. When did the union of Jesus and the Holy Ghost take place? It was when John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. When the spirit of God came upon Jesus is when Jesus’s spirit is now the Holy Ghost that now lives within us. Matt 3:16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:

This is when Jesus and the Holy Ghost became one. When Jesus died on the cross the separation of bod and soul come about. The Body of Jesus went to heaven to be with his father and the soul of Jesus stayed here on earth to life within us for eternity. This is the free gift of salvation is when the Holy Ghost comes in us and now the holy ghost is our guide to live out our lives not alone any longer. Now when you get saved you your soul is filled with the holy ghost. This means when the end times comes we who are saved will go to heaven when the time comes.

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