Summary: Events of the last half of Daniel’s 70th Week include the Two Witnesses ministry and the end of the 70th Week of Daniel

Revelation 11

Title: Two Witnesses Ministry

Theme: Testimony of Judgment

Text: Revelation 11:3

I. The Angel of the Lord/The Lord Jesus Christ Commands John to ‘Rise and Measure’ (v.1)

A.John is given a reed like unto a rod and told to measure [Ezekiel 40:3)

1. The temple of God

2. The altar

3. Them that worship [Jews/priests] therein

B.John is told not to measure the court given to the Gentiles

II. The Gentiles will tread under foot the holy city/Jerusalem (42) months/3-1/2 years (v.2)

[Luke 21:24]

A.The same time period of the Two Witnesses prophesying (Revelation 11:3)

B.The same time period of the Woman’s [Faithful Israel] protection (Revelation 12:6, 14)

C.The same time period of the Dragon’s [Satan] great wrath/tribulation (Revelation 12:12)

D.The same time period of the Antichrist’s global domination (Revelation 13:5)

E.The same time period the times and laws are given into the hand of the Antichrist (Daniel 7:25)

F.The same time period the Holy People/Jews power is shattered (Daniel 12:7)

G.The same time period is known as the last half of Daniel’s Seventieth Week (Daniel 9:24-27)

III. The Two Witnesses are anointed/given power/authority by The Angel of the Lord/The Lord Jesus Christ (v.3a)

A.The Two Witnesses prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days clothed in sackcloth (v.3b)

B.The Two Witnesses are ‘The Two Olive Trees’ (v.4) [Zechariah 4:3]

C.The Two Witnesses are ‘The Two Candlesticks’ (v.4)

D.The Two Witnesses are ‘The Two Olive Branches’ [Zechariah 4:12]

E.The Two Witnesses are ‘The Two Anointed Ones’ [Zechariah 4:14]

F.The Two Witnesses are ‘The Two Prophets’ [Revelation 11:10]

G.The Two Witnesses stand before the God of the earth (v.4) [Zechariah 4:14]

IV. The Two Witnesses have supernatural powers (v.5,6)

A. Punishment for persecutors

B. Power to shut heaven

C. Power over waters

V. The Two Witnesses Finish Their Testimony


A. The beast makes war with them and kills them

B. Their dead bodies lay in Jerusalem 3-1/2 days

C. The earth-dwellers rejoice over the death

of the Two Witnesses

D. The Lord raises them from the dead

E. The Lord calls them home to heaven

F. The Lord sends a great earthquake

upon Jerusalem

G. The earthquake kills seven thousand and

the rest are afraid and give God glory

H. The Second Woe is past and behold the

third comes quickly (v.14)

VI. The Seventh Angel Sounds/The Third Woe/Voices

in Heaven Saying (v.15-18)

A. The kingdoms of this world/become

the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ

and He shall reign for ever and ever

B. The four and twenty elders fall on their

faces and worship God, Saying, We give

Thee thanks…

C. The time of the dead that they should

be judged

D. That Thou should give reward unto Thy

servants the prophets, and to the saints,

and them that fear Thy name

E. That Thou should destroy them that destroy

the earth

VII. The Heavenly Conclusion of the Seven Trumpet

Judgments/Plagues (v.19)

A. The Temple of God was opened in heaven and

there was seen in His Temple the Ark of

the Covenant

B. There were lightnings

C. There were voices

D. There were thunderings

E. There was an earthquake

F. There was great hail

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