Summary: Retirement is something that is on everyone’s mind. Here’s a look at God’s Retirement Plan.

The Ultimate Retirement Plan

“A 401K That Will Not Decay”

I. Introduction

A. Planning for the future is a must in today’s society.

1. We are living longer lives due to medicine and research.

2. Social Security & Medicare are not enough by themselves.

3. We know that we cannot work forever; our bodies won’t let us.

a.Solomon describes the deterioration that our bodies go through in Eccl. 12.

b.God ran man out of the Garden so that he could not eat of the Tree of Life and henceforth live-forever. Gen. 3: 22.

c.Though death is inevitable, it is not always predictable.

B. For those who work for others, the pension plans that are in place weigh heavily in the new employee candidates’ decisions on accepting or rejecting offers from perspective employers.

1. Some employers match employee contributions/some don’t.

At best, only 15% of one’s salary can be matched.

2. Some funds are 100% vested immediately/others take 5 years for funds to become full property of the employee.

3. We actually have no control of the overall performance of any fund because of the human factors involved.

a.“Chicken today/Feathers tomorrow.”

b.Many of us here have experienced this over the last few years, even in the cash market.

c.The only sure things are God, Change, Taxes, & Death

C. We can invest in a plan that cannot lose, one in which the originator guarantees exorbitant returns on the most meager investments. This plan allows for benefits to be reaped even while we are working.

Let’s look at the three most important parts of any Investment Plan.

1. Company Background

2. Strategy/Returns

3. How Can I Invest?

II. Body: The Plan of Salvation “The 401K that won’t decay.”

A. Company Background and Officers

1. Records show that the core plan was formed before there was even a need for a retirement plan of any kind.

a.I Pet. 1: 17-20

b.Rev. 13: 8

2. The Founder/CEO of this Investment firm is special.

a.He has the ability to see the needs we have today and the ones that are sure to arise in the future. Matt. 6: 8b “… the Father knows what we have need of before we even ask.”

b.He is able to give us individual attention when there are troubled times. I Pet. 5:7 “Cast all your cares on Him for carethfor you.” Never an automated teleprompter!

c.He has proven Himself to be consistent and steadfast no matter

what the condition of the investor is.

1. He is omnipotent. Rev. 19: 6

2. He is faithful to keep what we have committed unto Him. II Tim. 1: 12

3. The Human Resource Manager is the epitome of dedication.

a.He was the IPO (Initial Public Offering) Phil. 2: 6-8

b.He acts somewhat as a secretary also because all of the CEO’s calls come through Him. He is able to sift through the request and relay the message to the CEO without error. I Tim. 2: 5 “There is one mediator between God and man, that man is Jesus Christ.” He knows how to properly approach the CEO when we are too stressed to do so.

c.His philosophy is simple. It is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, and mind and then to love thy neighbor as thyself.

d.He is the only door we have to pass thru to get to the CEO.

4. The one in charge of preparing the Prospectus.

a.A prospectus is a full disclosure of all parties involved, the investment strategies and the limitations, and expected returns:we know it better as the Bible, the word of God relayed to the

inspired writers by the Spirit/Comforter.

b.John 16: 12-13 and II Tim. 3: 16.


1. To protect each CD (celestial deposit) no matter the size because all contributions are relative – until redemption day. However, there are rewards along the way here on earth.

a.Mt. 6: 20 & I Tim. 6: 17-19

b.The fund manager assesses each individual and recommends a contribution plan.

1. The Widow’s Contribution (Mk. 12: 41-44)

2. The Rich Young Ruler (Mt. 19)

3. All contributions are strictly voluntary.

4. God can turn our grain of sand into a monstrous mountain but we MUST bring the grain of sand.

2. Does it work?

a.It did for Enoch. Gen. 5: 24

b.It did for Moses and Elias. Lk. 9: 29-31/ They are not described as someone who just left the bowels of hell.

c.Rev. 6: 9 & 7: 14 describes those slain for Christ.

d.Paul was definitely confident in the plan. II Tim. 1: 12

4. Rewards us here on earth also?

a.Some life insurances allow you to take from benefits of a policy prior to death under extenuating circumstances.

b.Here’s what the prospectus says on the matter.

1.Mt. 19: 29

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