Summary: Let me share with you a couple verses that illustrate the power of a ‘Visual’ Testimony, then I want to share with you Five Contagious Characteristics that your children are able to not only witness but will provoke them to good works – cause them to crav

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The Ultimate Ride: Transforming Your Life & Family

“What is ‘Quality Time’ with Your Family”

Three weeks ago, we began a new sermon series entitled:

The Ultimate Ride: Transforming Your Life & Family

Three weeks ago, we talked about the topic: “Leaving a Legacy”

…and I pointed out Four Lies from Satan about “Leaving a Legacy

Two weeks ago , I talked about “Transforming Your Family the Wrong Way”

I shared with you various Mistakes that Parents make when raising their families.

Last week, we talked about “It Doesn’t Take Much to Have a Happy Home”

Be Real. Be Honest. Be Prepared. Be Committed. Be Connected.

So, first, this morning, let me first share with you a couple verses that illustrate The Power of a ‘Visual’ Testimony then I want to share with you Five Contagious Characteristics that your children are able to not only witness but will provoke them to good works – cause them to crave and desire to follow.

The Power of a ‘Visual’ Testimony

There is power in a parent’s testimony when their kids are able to see their parents walk-the-walk rather than just talk-the-talk. The Bible describes on multiple occasions that when we are able to visually witness a testimony of another believer, it will impact much more than simply being taught the principle. And that principle is to create a life worth imitating!

The apostle Paul constantly told people he could mimic his actions:

I Corinthians 11:1 And you should follow me, as I follow Christ.

In fact, the Greek word for “follow” is (mim-MEH-oh)…where we get our English word “mimic” or “to be a mime!”

Here’s yet another verse in which the apostle Paul told people he could mimic his actions as an example: Philippians 3:17 Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine, and learn from those who follow our example.

You see, my friend, the question is NOT “Will people watch me?” or better yet, “Will my children and spouse watch me?” It IS a question of “Will the people watching me want what I have?!” OR, will they witness what I have and pray, “I hope I’m not like them!”

So, what are some characteristics that are not only pleasant characteristics of people that you enjoy being around, but more so, are characteristics that display Godly character and exemplify God’s heartbeat on life and bring honor to HIM!

When you spend time with your family, you give them the opportunity to witness a VISUAL TESTIMONY!

Today, I want to quickly share The Results of Spending ‘Quality Time’ with Your Family. Now, let me share with you four contagious characteristics that you want to have in your life.

#1 – A life fixed on God!

We can teach our kids how to act by them watching us. You may be saying, “Whoa! I don’t want that to happen!” But here’s the point: If you are living a spirit-controlled life, you have nothing to fear. In fact, you want them to be around you so that they can observe you and learn how to respond to temptation…or make decisions

You may try to put your ‘best face forward,’ but it is indeed true that given enough time, we will always resort back to who we really are.

What do you want them to see?

1. Dependence on God

2. Contemplation before Decision

3. Respect for Spouse!

4. You Demonstrating your Love for Them!

Oh, and a side note, if you’re not there for them to witness YOUR true behavior, then the opposite is true –then you will not be there to witness THEIR true behavior.

#2 – A life worth following!

You walk in holiness, they will see it and follow:

III John verse 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

It all goes back to our first lesson on legacy – like I said, if you want a strong, God-glorifying legacy, than you have to start NOW. AND like I said last week –it just takes little things like spending time with them and being real.

There is a very popular Chinese Proverb that is often quoted by everyone from business executives, authors, leadership theorists…to grandmothers & grandfathers – but the principle is indeed true regarding “leaving a legacy:”

“One generation plants a trees, and another gets the shade.”

-Author unknown

Some of you work so hard…and you can’t spend hours at a time with your child.

I understand that. Know this, that hard work is honorable! I don’t care if you are a doctor or a lawyer…or you are in construction or waste management or working THREE jobs to make ends meet – I want you to know that if you are working to provide for your family and you do it in a law-abiding, God-honoring way – I want you to know that you are an honorable man or woman and your kids ought to be proud of you!

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