Summary: This sermon uses quotes and historic facts from the story of the Untouchables to correspond to Peter and John and their witness.

The UN-touchables: Acts 4:13-22,

The time is the 30’s, there is an organization that is corrupt, taking bribes, involved in breaking all kinds of laws and covering it up, even having innocent people killed because their whole way of life was threatened by the truth. But just when all hope seemed lost a group of hand selected men came onto the scene who had been charged with the task of standing for what is right, confronting those who were guilty, and of speaking the truth no matter what. We will refer to them as the UN-TOUCHABLES.

Three things are clear about these men… (the apostles are the men I am discussing but, I don’t let that out until later)

1. These men were UN-CHARACTERISTIC

"I ticked off the general qualities I desired: single, no older than thirty, both the mental and physical stamina to work long hours and the courage and ability to use fist or gun and special investigative techniques. I needed a good telephone man, one who could tap a wire with speed and precision. I needed men who were excellent drivers, for much of our success would depend upon how expertly they could trail the mob’s cars and trucks… and fresh faces –from other divisions—who were not known to the Chicago mobsters."

In response to the refusal of a $2000 a week offer to men who only made $2800 per year Ness said this "Possibly it wasn’t too important for the world to know that we couldn’t be bought, but I did want Al Capone and every gangster in the city to realize that there were still a few law enforcement agents who couldn’t be swerved from their duty."

2. What had been done through them was UN-DENIABLE

In its first six months of operation, Ness had closed down some nineteen distilleries and key breweries, worth an estimated $1,000,000.

On one occasion Ness had arranged a motorcade of 45 new trucks they had confiscated in the raids on Capone’s breweries to pass in front of Capone’s headquarters at the Lexington hotel on Michigan Avenue and called Capone personally to invite him to watch.

3. Even in the face of great opposition they were UN-STOPPABLE

"I felt a chill foreboding for my men as I envisioned the violent reaction that would be produced in the criminal octopus hovering over Chicago, its tentacles of terror reaching out all over the nation. We had undertaken what might be a suicidal mission."

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