Summary: The one you are looking for - is Jesus!

The Unbelievable Pleasure of Loving Jesus!

One of the greatest tragedies must be to live a life so empty that it really was not worth living. How terribly sad it must be to realize as you are lying on your deathbed, that you never really lived. You may have done a lot of things and been to many places

and events, but you never lived your life to the fullest. Our ship came in and left without us. If we haven’t fallen deeply in love with Jesus we most likely are on the road to a life not worth living.

Scripture says, "Our God is a consuming fire." (Heb.12:29)

The object of that consuming fire of love is us! There is nothing on this earth that can compare to the blazing, white hot, personal love of Jesus Christ for us. Everything else pales in comparison with Jesus. The pleasure of loving Jesus is indescribable. Words

are totally inadequate to describe a heart that is in love with Jesus and the pleasure that comes from that. There is nothing like it.

Watching the Yankees and the Diamondbacks in the World

Series can’t compare. The job or promotion you always wanted can’t compare. The new car, boat, airplane or house of your dreams can’t compare. Intimacy with your wife who you love deeply can’t compare. Holding and kissing your newborn son or daughter for the first time can’t compare. They all pale severely in comparison to loving Jesus and being lost in intimate

worship of Him.

Our life will never reach its true destiny and we will be in danger of living a life that is never fulfilled, until we fall deeply in love with Jesus. A life empty of loving Jesus is a stunted, emaciated life devoid of true joy, because Jesus IS joy. We are horribly

deformed without the love of Jesus in us. Life and joy is in loving and worshipping Jesus. Everything else is a life long slumber spent in captivity.

We can be set free from this captivity by Jesus alone. We need Jesus to be able to love Jesus. When we acknowledge our sins and ask Jesus to wash us clean by His precious blood from Calvary, He begins a process in us that lasts a lifetime. We experience the brilliance of our first encounter with Him that is

wonderful and different for everybody. Our eyes are slowly opened over time to the intimate love of this beautiful personal God. He becomes very real to us.

The ongoing revelation of the wonders of this Almighty God is like the peeling of an onion. He reveals more and more of Himself, his personality, his character, his blazing love, and his care for us, day by day. As we read and meditate on the word of God, we are captivated and enthralled by His magnificence. As we spend time with Him alone in personal prayer, we grow in deep intimacy with Him and experience more and more of His glorious love. His love ruins us for anything the world has to offer. It’s like no other love. It’s all embracing. It’s so pure. It’s so vital. You can’t live without it. It’s so bright. It’s so soul stirring. You can’t get enough. You’re addicted. You must go deeper. Nothing else matters.

You want to tell everybody. Here He is! I’ve found Him whom my soul loves. I’ve found Him whom I was created for. I’ve found Him whom I was looking for all my life and didn’t even know it. Here He is, the Crown Jewel of the universe! The one whom every heart is looking for. Let Him embrace you! Let Him love you!

Here He is, the Master and Ruler of the universe and you can know Him personally and experience His great love for you.

Here He is and His name is:


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