Summary: The most dangerous place on any road is the middle!

*Illus. Donkey straved while deciding about 2 bails of hay

1. Does not refer to those who are openly skeptical. [“scoffers” “fools” (Ps. 14:1)]

2. Nor those who openly confess Christ and live for Him with a whole heart.

There are at least five different kinds of people referred to.

[“halt” (KJV) = to limp]

1- There Are Those Who Attend Church But Are Not Part Of The Church. [convicted- but not convinced; not Born Again- no decision for Christ]

2- Those Who Are Straddling the Fence Between The World And God. [“…you cannot serve two masters…” Lk. 16:13]

3- There Are Those Who Avoid Open Sin But Don’t Serve God Sincerely. [“Good People”]

4- There Are Those Who Try To Marry Grace And Works.

5- Those Who Privately But Not Publicly Confess Christ. [Fear]


1- Offensive to God. [“lukewarm” Rev. 3:15-16]

2- It’s consequences are ruinous.

3- It is infectious. [stumbling block]


1- Worship God. [serve] (Rom. 12:1-2)

2- Do it God’s Way. (Jn. 14:6; Acts 4:12)

3- Publicly Confess Christ. [“whoever confesses…”] Every person is accountable for their choices!!!

4- Do It NOW!!! [“How long?”]

1) The Judge is at the door! [“Remember Lot’s wife”; “…hand to the plow…” (Lk. 9:62)]

2) Every moment you wait will weaken your will.

They were “speechless” because there is no defense for indecision!!!!

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