Summary: I have nothing to against about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But I saw too many problems because we are miss used our gifts...



John 17:22 said, "that they may be one, as we are one." One day I asked to my self this question, "If I pray, then I believe God will answer my prayer. BUT IF God pray, then, who will answer His prayer?"

Unity of His Kingdom, is God’s prayer. Who will answer His prayer? Unity of His Kingdom, is God’s will. Who will make it happen? Until I found that, WE must answer His prayer. Yes! You and me bare the responsibility to make His will happen!



What makes our church come into many divisions? One of the main reasons is -I think you will be suprise-: GIFTS!

Corinthians was one of the most gifted church in Paul’s time. But it also one of the church, under Paul’s ministry, that filled with to many confrontation and divions. I am a Pentecostal, so I have nothing to against about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But I seen too many problems because we are missed use our gifts. And I believe that you fell the same with me. How many times we found people who fell MORE gifted, MORE spiritual, MORE closer to God than others. I’m telling you, that makes the world hate Christianity even more!

About "Gifts", from 1 Cor 12:12-30 (NASB):

1. Gifts is for ALL people, given by God through the Holy Spirit.

[11] "... But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to EACH ONE..."

To each one, no one left behind! We all been gifted when Holy Spirit is in us; isn’t this a comforting message for you? It is to me! If God can used Paul and Peter and James and John, and HE CAN AND WILL USE ME!

2. Gifts is for individual.

[11] "... each one INDIVIDUALLY ..."

Each one have a "special" gift or gifts. That’s why we are special, not just in God’s eye, but also in the eyes of other church members. We must begin to see that every members of The Body are special. Not just the pastor, not just the bishop, nor church activists, BUT EVERYONE!

3. Gifts is distributing as God’s (Holy Spirit) will.

How wonderful message! Just if the church can understand and do this message, it will be not too many divisions in the chuch, like today.

First, we all gifted. Second, we are special in God’s eyes and in every members of The Body. Third, He dividing it according to His desire, He will mold us according to His will! Don’t condemn each other just because we have a different gift!


What is the "key word"? Or, what must we do so we can answer Lord’s prayer in John 17?

1. "For even as the BODY is ONE and yet has MANY MEMBERS, and ALL the MEMBERS of THE BODY,..." (v. 12,14,20,27)

- We have MANY function: as MEMBERS of the Body of Jesus.

Not everyone must be an apostle; not everyone must be a prophet; not everyone must have a healing gift. We must be an apostolic, BUT not must be an apostle. We must have a revelation, BUT not must be a prophet. We must laying hand for the sick, BUT not must have the healing gift.

We must function according to our gift or gifts!

- We just have ONE position: as The BODY of Christ.

If a Christian reject other Christian, who will receive him? We are one body, if you cut one part of your body and that part surely die! Don’t reject other Christian, because he is your brother in Christ.

2. "But earnestly desire the greater gifts. And I show you a still more excellent way." (v.31)

- We have MANY functions: GIFTS.

Every one works according to the gifts that God placed in him, so he can be function in the church and not just a weekly attendant in the chuch.

- [but] We have just ONE way: LOVE.

It’s great if you have many gifts, but it will be more excellent if you have love.

By our gifts we are:

1. We help each other (v. 15-17)

2. We care each other (v. 25)

3. we suffer and rejoice together (v.26)

All can happen if we have love in our heart; that’s the EXCELLENT WAY!


Gifts been given not for a tool to condemn or despise someone. But it use for help, care, and build each other. How? First, know and act like ONE BODY OF CHRIST; second, let the LOVE OF JESUS is in our heart.

I may live in Indonesia,facing in a different struggle and problems; but I believe that we are one body, standing under one banner, using one family name, Jesus, and live in one Kingdom: HEAVENLY KINGDOM!

God blesses you!

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