Summary: Scientists will tell us that the sun will eventually die out; why do people think they can live forever?

Last week in preparation for the message, we took a look back to Daniel of the Old Testament. This morning, let us go all the way to Genesis 1……… Read along with me v1-19……… Just one question… How did God create the stars, moons, sky and the entire universe??

God spoke and the universe was created!!

Keep this in mind as we now study Mark 13:24-37………….

And so, what do we note will happen in v24-25: the universe will collapse!

How will God bring down the universe?? Just as God spoke and the entire universe was created, God can speak and collapse the universe!

Now, Scientists today will tell us and they know that stars like our sun die; so, this scripture in v24 that the sun will be darkened is no surprise to scientists. But here’s something interesting: Scientist also know that the sun is growing and before the sun burns out, it will engulf planets including the earth. But, what do we note in v26? According to God, there will still be people on earth when the sun is darkened! What does this tell us??

Scientist may know certain things right BUT God is always in control!

And God actually tells us when the sun will darken and the universe collapse!

v24: the universe will collapse after the distresses stated in earlier verses:

- Jerusalem and the Temple will be destroyed but rebuilt again.

- There will be many false gods

- Wars and rumors of wars

- Kingdom against kingdom

- Earthquakes and famines

- Persecutions of True Believers of God

- Breakdown of family relationships

- Abomination in the Temple

To give us a timeframe, these distresses has happened or are happening today except for one main one! Which one has not happened yet??

The Temple in Jerusalem has not been built yet and so the abomination has not happen yet! Last week we noted that the Temple cannot be built until 2 Sacred Islamic Buildings need to collapse and we noted that God can cause those buildings to disappear with an earthquake or sinkholes!

We also noted last week when the abomination of the Temple will happen; when will that Temple abomination happen??

The abomination of the Temple will happen in the middle of the remaining last 7 years of judgment on Israel (The Great Tribulation Period)!

Why is this time frame important to note?

We can note 2 things to happen after all the distresses in v26-27:

- People will see Jesus Christ with great power and glory = ?? = Final Judgment!

- Remaining Christians at that time will be taken to heaven!

The question is – who are these Christians gathered when Jesus judges the whole earth? The answer can vary among Christians today; There are 3 views of when the Rapture, being caught up to the clouds with Jesus:

PreTrib Rapture – Christians will be taken to heaven before the last 7 years of judgment on Israel

MidTrib – rapture to happen in the middle of the Great Tribulation

Post Trib – per Mark 13:27

As we can note there are Scriptures which somewhat supports each 3 views! But let us note that most Bible Scholars believe in the Rapture of Believers before the Great Tribulation! The main reason for PreTrib Rapture is 1 Thessalonians 4 (only Christians, not all people, will see Jesus during this Rapture).

I believe in this PreTrib Rapture and it makes sense as we look again at Mark 13. PreTrib Rapture tells us that even though all Christians before the Great Tribulation will be taken to heaven (those will be us), there will be new Christians during the Great Tribulation!

And so, let us conclude by looking at the applications to our lives today from Mark 13:28-37 as we wait for the Rapture.

v28-30: We can all die or be raptured at any time now; how are we living for God who we’ll face soon? May I suggest that every day, let us constantly remind ourselves that Jesus can show upand call our name at any moment!

v31: only 2 things on earth go forever, people and God’s Word; how are we treating both?

Do we wonders about people we know where they will spend eternity? Are we at awe of our bibles?

v32-34: Be on guard! Be alert! – like a watchman by the door!

v36: May Jesus Christ not find us “sleeping”!

v37: No one will have an excuse because Jesus offers His Word to everyone! Give thanks!

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