Summary: The unlikely people God chooses to accomplish his purposes are those who have a heart for him, who love God passionately and choose to follow him even when the going gets tough.

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Over the summer I will be preaching a series from the life of David, the shepherd boy who became the king over the nation of Israel. David’s descendents became the great line of kings who would rule over Israel and then Judah for 423 years. It was to David that God promised he would establish his throne forever, that a descendent of David’s son would rule over God’s kingdom forever (1 Chr. 17:12). We know this descendent to be Jesus, mentioned as the Son of David in the gospels. Jesus became the king of kings, who was and is exalted to the right hand of God, and who has established his kingdom in the world through us Christians, the church, and at some day would come again to rule over the whole earth.

Why focus on David? There is a couple of reasons. 1) More is written in the Bible about David than any other person except Jesus. 2) David was an ordinary person who was used by God in an extraordinary way because he was a man after God’s heart. By looking at David’s life we can learn how we, normal Christians, can be used by God in extraordinary ways.

I. God’s Measuring Stick for His Calling – the Heart

As we begin looking at the life of David let me ask you a question to get you thinking a little bit. Who does God choose to accomplish his purposes? Let me say it in another way, what kind of person does God pick to do his supernatural work in the world? Does God choose the “good” people that have got it all together? The really talented people? Smart people? The people who come from good family backgrounds? Charismatic or outgoing people? Good looking people? What does God look for when choosing people to do his work? God does not choose people by the worlds standards. God does not look at the outside packaging, rather God looks at the inside. God uses one measuring stick above all others to choose people to accomplish his plans, and it has nothing to do with anything on the list I just mentioned. The one thing God looks at is the heart. He chooses people who are sold out for God, whose motives and intentions are focused on God’s desires above their own. God is looking for people who love him and have a heart to serve God without thought to what they will receive in return. How do I know? David.

II. David the Unlikely King

David is perfect example that God is really looking at a persons heart to accomplish his purposes.

Before we get into David’s part of this story, let me give you a little background on our passage this morning. By the time we get to 1 Sam. 16, the very first king has been ruling over Israel for 20-25 year, his name was Saul. God didn’t want to give his people Israel a king, but they demanded one because they wanted to be just like the nations surrounding them. God finally conceded and chose a king they would want, God chose Saul. By all human standards Saul was a perfect candidate for king, the Bible says Saul was a head taller than anyone else, and handsome (1 Sam. 9:1-2). His family was wealthy and influential. He made a perfect king, at least by human standards.

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Dallas Slemp

commented on Nov 1, 2006

Yes, thank God he does not look on the outside but it is what is on the inside of each person that makes the difference.

Bill Scott

commented on Jul 18, 2015


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