Summary: Each man has been given the power of prayer to release his untapped potential.


TEXT: 1 TIMOTHY 2:1 – 8



It was early Sunday morning and William’s mother came into his room and said, “William, it’s Sunday. Time to get up…Time to get up and go to church!”

From under the covers, William mumbled, “I don’t want to go!”

“What do you mean…you don’t want to go?” she said. “That is silly! Now get up and get dressed and go to church!”

“No!” the deep voice of William shot back! “I’ll give you two reasons. I don’t like them and they don’t like me!”

“Nonsense,” his mother, yield. “I’ll give YOU two reasons you have to get up and go. First, you are a 42 years old grown man and second, you are the PASTOR!”

William, like too many men today don’t want to grow up and like others don’t want to face the challenges of life!

We are in the last of our series on The Untapped Power of a Man and we have talked previously about:

A) Distinguished Men such as Daniel and what does it take to be one of God’s distinguished men?

• Excellence Is Essential

• Faithfulness Is Fundamental

• Diligence In Duty

• Disciplined In Devotion

B) Able Men such as the Priest in 1 Chronicles 13, who are described as being “…very able men” translated they were “mighty men of strength.”





Today, I want us to understand that if indeed we are going to be men who release the untapped power that God has deposited within us…

We must not only be men who distinguish ourselves from the ordinary and men who distinguish ourselves from men who are not able or not willing to fight the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged… we must distinguish ourselves by becoming praying men!

God is calling us to be Praying Men. Men who pray without ceasing; pray without wrath or doubting; pray with a fervent spirit and pray with faith!

Our nation; our communities; our churches and our families are in desperate need of praying men!

Notice verse 8 of the text… “I desire that the men pray – notice that the men pray…everywhere, lifting holy hands, without wrath and doubting…”

The Apostle Paul…at this point in his life was an aged man full of experience and wisdom. He was writing particularly to the young pastor Timothy in this epistle or letter. Timothy was facing the heavy burden of leading the Church of Ephesus.

This was a challenging task for a young man, given the culture of the city and the condition of the church. Ephesus was a major city in the ancient world. It was a city consider to be a leading center of commerce and travel, situated on the Aegean Sea…it was one of the greatest seaports of the then known world.

You know with seaports come sailors; and with sailors come prostitution; drugs; gambling; and other vices and vicissitudes…

Three major roads led from the Seaport City of Ephesus: one road went east towards Babylon via Laodicea, another to north via Smyrna and a third south to the Meander Valley.

Ephesus housed the Temple of Artemis, considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. This Temple was dedicated to the goddess Diana and it was known for its Temple Prostitutes. The moral climate and the secular culture of Ephesus made it a city that was known for its loose lifestyle.

Within the religious community, there were false doctrines that needed to be confronted and corrected; there was worship that was out of order that needed to be straightened out; and there were issues surrounding the immaturity of the leadership that had to be addressed.

In light of the moral decay and because of the cultural corruption…the Apostle Paul charged Timothy to be strong; to be a man…because in his wisdom, Paul understood that Ephesus needed a strong presence of authority and power within both in the secular society and in the Christian Community!

Paul commanded the Elders of Ephesus to be mindful of the false teaching and false teachers and those who would divide the flock.

And he urged Timothy to “man-up and fight the good fight of faith;” Paul charged Timothy to “endure hardships like a good soldier,” and to “keep that which has been committed unto him.”

Listen, our society, our nation, our communities, our families and certainly our Churches today – are in need of these types of men.

• Men who will stand and fight the good fight of faith…1:18

• Men who will endure hardness and hardships like a good soldier…2 Timothy 2:3

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