Summary: How you value a gift, is the way you give it.

The Value of A Gift / El valor de Un Regalo

The time of Christmas is here and you are thinking of going to buy gifts, it's a time for most people to go and buy gifts, because its a time of giving. Some gifts will be big and some will be small. Who's are the big ones and who's are the small ones?

Who's are the inexpensive ones, and who's are the expensive ones?

All these questions are on your mind.

You can dress them up on the outside as you wrap them up with all kinds of bows and ribbons. But what you put in the inside is what its worth.

You can sugar coded them on the outside with all the crazy color covers, but its poison on the inside and taste of death like rotten candy.

See the Devil can give you a gift that you have been wanting to have, and the person whom the Devil is using can just sugar code it on the outside and its death on the inside once you open it and try it , might be drugs , lusty habits, sexual addictions , adultery, once you try it you get hooked and become a salve to it.

The Gift that God gives us is the one that's perfect, and its life, its value is not worth money, nor material gain, but its value is worth what God valued it.. His Only Son.

See Jesus was a Double Gift, The outside was also what was in the inside……LOVE True Compassionate Love for all Humanity. Gods Gift was Himself to a lost and dying World…

God gave us LOVE, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Meekness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self-Control , Everlasting Life Thru Christ Jesus.

What is your Gift worth to others? What are You giving? You can be giving gifts just because she or he gives me (purpose of giving).

You can be giving gifts just so that they will know that you can buy what ever I want (purpose of giving)

You can be giving gifts just because they are your relatives but really you don't want to give them anything so you go out and get the cheapest ugliest

gifts you can for them.

You my friend are wrong in the way you are giving…….. What is your Gift worth? You see it doesn't matter how much it cost , or where you buy it, or how you wrap it up, what really matters is the way you give it …….. it can be a small box, it can be a big box, it can be wrapped up the prettiest with the biggest bows and ribbons but if it is not given with Love or bought with Love its worthless…………

See God gave us His Best……..Only the Best for His Creation…………It had to Be Perfect………… JESUS…….

So when you go out there to shop go with a peaceful, loving heart and give all your loved ones the only gift that matters and that they can cherish forever , give them your Love. If you don't have Love ask God to give you a compassionate heart.

Whats your gift worth..?

Ill: There was a lady that when to a Church, this lady was retarded. On Christmas day the Church had a Christmas Party and the lady was dropped off at the church to be at the party. It was a bring a gift and take a gift. So the lady took a small gift and placed it on the gift table.

There were big presents and small presents, as the people started come in they were given a number so that later that number was called and the present was given to that number. So it came time for the lady , and she was given a big present, she was so excited, she was dropped off at her house and as she came in the house she was so happy and excited that as she was riding in the car from the church to her house she started to make a little hole in the present but she couldn't open it all the way because of her hand that was crooked, so she had started to open it and she had a little hole in the present. so her sister helped her open the present it was a big box and they took out papers and papers of wrapping tissues and still no sign of the present. so they kept on taking out the tissue paper out of the big box so finally the last piece of tissue paper, wrapping paper, and there it was a very small little race car……some one played a very bad trick on the lady because she was retarded. Poor lady she was very sad even thought she smiled but deep inside she felt sad.

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