Summary: God’s church is strengthened by everyday people who use their hands, their presence, and their faithfulness to serve others.

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• Illustration: On June 1, 1967, the Beatles had another hit on the radio entitled, “With a little help from my friends.” The chorus had

these three lines: “I get by with a little help from my friends. I get high….. I’m going to try with a little help from my friends.” In

1990 Garth Brooks took it a little bit lower when he declared that he had friends in “low places.” Whether a person is lost or saved,

the value of friendship cannot be underestimated.

• In Colossians 4:7-18, we come to the closing of this precious letter from Paul to the church at Colosse. It is not uncommon for

Paul to use the last part of his letters to pat others on their back for their service to God and to him. Even though Christ is all you

need period, there is no way you can do the work of the Lord alone!

Proposition: God’s church is strengthened by everyday people who use their hands, their presence, and their faithfulness to serve


III. Christ is All You Need to Live For.

F. The Value of Great Friendships.

1. Friends Who Helped Through Their Service. (names sound boring until you look into their history.

a. Tychicus: (7-8) This was Paul’s trusted assistant, his right hand man who was responsible for connecting the

people with Paul.

• Beloved, faithful, servant, comforter.

b. Onesimus: (9) this was a run-away slave who Paul led to Christ, who now is an assistant in training. He needed a

friend at his lowest point, and Paul showed grace and not justice. As a result, Onesimus is serving God.

c. Epaphras: (12) He may have been the founding pastor of the church at Colosse, who now is with Paul, possibly

using his opportunity to learn from Paul…yet who serves Paul and God as a powerful prayer warrior.

• Prayed constant, fervently, personally, and specifically.

d. Nymphas: (15b) Some translations make this name male or female. No one knows for sure who this person is, but

it is clear, they have opened up their house to be a meeting place for God’s people.

e. Application: Ill: (George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Betsy Ross, Paul Revere, Nathan

Hale) Unsung heroes in Revolutionary War: Nancy Hart (woman) & James Armistead (black slave).

• It takes all parts (body) to make the church a working testimony.

i. The church cannot be the church Jesus wants without the unity and cooperation of people, working

together with the single purpose of glorifying God.

2. Friends Who Helped With Their Presence. (Friends who are near!)

a. Aristarchus: (10a) When you examine this man closely, you find that he appears with Paul when Paul is going

through his toughest moments. This guy is not a fair weather friend, but is faithful no matter what comes.

• In prison with Paul, verse 10

• In riots in Ephesus, Acts 19:29

• In shipwreck, Acts 27:2

b. John Mark: (10b) This would be a surprise, restored friendship. At one time Mark quit and left Paul. But in time,

this relationship is mended, and Mark is a valuable asset to Paul (2 Tim. 4:11)

c. Justus: (11) Not much is known of this man. He has both a Jewish and Gentile name, and yet he is a rare Jewish

convert of Paul’s. He represents those friends that may not be known very well, but God knows their service.

d. Luke: (14a) Here is another friend, a professional, who used his talents for God’s work. He was a doctor, historian,

writer, comfort to Paul. He sent a lot of time working and being with Paul.

e. Demas: (14b) He is with Paul, but he is too a reminder of those who are dear friends one moment, but will later turn

their back on us and the work of God. 2 Tim. 4:10 – “He loved this present world…”

f. Application: Ill: When I was in Stanton, KY, I received word that my best friend’s mom had died. So I drove over 5

hours to just be with the family, family I had not seen in 15+ years. But I came to be by my friend in his time of

grief. Even Jesus longed for friends in his lowest hour, and all forsook the Savior. Even if all forsake us, we have a

faithful friend!

3. Friends Who Helped through Their Faithfulness. (16-18)

• Hardest thing for a Christian to see is the church not being the church!

a. Faithful to read God’s Word: “see to it this epistle are read in church” Study God’s Word. Don’t forsake reading,

studying, and loving on God’s Word.

b. Faithful to encourage each other: “encourage a brother!” Archippus seems to be Philemon’s son (2), who may be

leading as pastor. All the attacks on the church by false teachers may have taken a toll on this young man, and

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