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Summary: How valuable is the life of a human being? Is it of less value than a sports car? How about a pair of fancy shoes or a stereo? What about $100? These are all things that people have killed to obtain from someone else. What is the true value of a

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How valuable is the life of a human being?

Is it of less value than a sports car?

How about a pair of fancy shoes?

These are all things that people have

killed to obtain from someone else.

Have you ever given thought to what it is that makes things valuable? What determines the value of something for you?

For many people it is based on what they are going to get.

For others it is because they have had to pay a great price to obtain something.

- The person that paid a great deal of money for a pair of shoes

- The parents who have spent hours laboring over a sick child

I. Our need of that thing

Let’s say that right now you had a $100 bill in your pocket and I asked you to give it to me for this glass of water. You would probably say that I was crazy or at least wonder what was so special about it.

But let’s change the picture a little bit, Imagine that you have been walking for days and days in the burning desert, with your mouth dry needing water. Then you suddenly saw me standing in front of you with a tall glass of ice cold water. Now all of a sudden that glass of water is worth a whole lot more to you than it had been! What changed the worth of that glass of water. It was the same simple thing – just a glass of water. But right now you don’t have that need, you can wait till this service is over and go back to the water fountain in the restroom and get a drink for free, or you can wait till you drive home and get one for yourself.

II. Our needs can change

Some needs are more important than others, but sometimes things that we thought were very valuable suddenly lose their attraction.

Picture yourself driving your car down a mountain road in an unfamiliar area. You suddenly come upon a sharp curve in the road and try to stop but you were going just a little bit too fast and your car crashes into the guardrails. You realize what has happened and begin to survey the situation leaning forward to see what is around and as you lean forward your car does the same. You quickly lean back in your seat and begin to think. Right at that moment your needs have taken a drastic change. You might even have the $200 in your pocket that you were going to spend on that new vacuum cleaner that you really needed, but right then you would gladly give that money up to get out of that situation.

Perhaps some people would be thinking about that opportunity in a church service that they passed up. It just didn’t seem that important to them at that time, but the value of things has changed for them.

III. Our Want of something

This is often as strong, sometimes stronger, than our need of something. In my case that new computer or new component that we think we must have, perhaps that new furniture, new car, or new outfit.

IV. The value of a soul

What kind of value do we place upon human life? To many people other’s lives are worth so little that all they are worried about is their reputation. It occurred at one time that someone was shot for the mere $7 that he had in his pocket. Some have even killed because of an angry word that was spoken to them or a facial expression someone gave to them.

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