Summary: Three kinds of Life values, dimensions are important only found in Christ. Loose your life and live in Him.

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Text: Mt 13:44-51

Theme: “Three Dimensions of Life”


At the larger context Jesus was talking about the Kingdom of God through various parables in 13:1-43. The following chapter has the teaching and miracles of Jesus Christ. The immediate context is about his family background.


Jesus Christ is talking about the Kingdom of God in three dimensions of Life with three anomalies such as a farmer, business man, and Fishermen.

These three parables are expressing the Christian life principles such as, Salvation, Deeper in the Word of God, involving in the Evangelism and Church planting.

1. Farmer v.44.

Hidden Treasure:The Kingdom of God is a hidden treasure. God has made available of his salvation to all. However it is hidden to many eyes. The salvation is a treasure. Many devotees, followers of Christ, could affirm it.

Paul says safe guard your salvation.

Found it:A man found it. A man in his slavery, in his labors, in his problems, in his pain seeks the Holy God, cries out to him for salvation.

Jesus was found by those who sought him. Lk 2:32 “I have seen the Horn of thy salvation”. Job says my eyes behold you. 42:5,9(God looks the face of Job)Lord looks into your disease, pains, your tears. He is the God of compassion the lord one sheds tears for you is seeing you.Jesus wept. Jn11:35. Jesus prayed with burden Mt 26:37, Lk. 22:44. Heb. 5:7. Jesus wept for the city.Lk. 19:41-44.

Hide it: He had great expectation. He loved the grace of God. He valued the salvation, prayer, and teaching of Christ. He considered it as a great treasure.

Joy of it: Enjoy the salvation, Christian life, worship, presence of God, and songs.

Sold Everything:Selling pleasures of sleep, luxury, unprofitable comforts, evil friendship, vain glories, pride and powerswill bring you the Kingdom of God.

Bought it:Give up to gaining. If you lose the world, you will gain the salvation.

2. Businessman v. 45-46.

Good Pearls:

Pearl means the word of God. Mt 7:6 – Don’t throw it in front of the Pigs or swine.

Seek the good pearls.

Seek like the treasure. Pr. 2:4. Wear it. Pr 6:21-23.

Seek and read Is.34:16.

Search the scriptures. Jn. 5:39.

Found a priceless Pearl: God’s word is priceless but powerful, life giving - Is. 55:8-11, Heb 4:12. Have the Sword of truth. Eph. 6:14. Hold the word of God and shine for Jesus. Phil 2:14. Inspiring and innovative II Tim 3:16-17.

One word will change your entire life. Lk 7:7.

Sold out everything: For the sake of God’s word and his presence.

David says I long to see you Lord. Ps 17:15,19:14, 27:4.

Isaiah says I have seen him (Is 6:1).

Moses says please show me thyself. Ex 33:18.

Give up everything which takes the place of God. Give up pleasure times, hobby which eats up your life. A job which is hinders your worship.

Bought it:Make word of God as your own blessing.

3. Fishermen v.47-51.

The third anomaly Jesus uses is the Fishing Net. V.47. Fishing net can be compared to the evangelism, and church Plant. God has called many to be fishers of men. In fact all of his disciples.

v.47. All kinds of Fish: Net is thrown into the sea to gather all the fish, rubbish, trash and weeds. It will be pulled into the shore.

Gather and Throw:Sit and stratify. Stratification is painful but no other ways to bring separation.

End of the World: The world will have an end. All will be vanished. All beauties will go away and everything will be destroyed. All the beautiful sculptures and houses, towers everything will go way. Enjoy and not think anything else.

Eternal Separation: Separate the Fish and the trash. Unwanted ones will be thrown out. Separate the wicked from the righteous.

Burning Furnace: Hell and Heaven are realities, not imaginations. God cannot do way with the Hell. But it will be unfortunate to send some to hell.

Do you understand?

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