Summary: The Beattitudes show the values that God has for this life

God’s True Values

Matthew 5.3-12

November 2, 1997

Evening Service


I. The concept of Core Values: Business terms, things that drive the business to success, the focus on what makes the business successful, the purpose of why they exist, many speak of service or quality, values provide the focus

II. What are values?:

III. What are God’s core values? Read Mt 5.3-12


1. Poverty: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit - Poor is having no resources left, Not physical or material, spiritual in nature, complete realization of position and powerlessness, full humility before God, 1st step to get to God,

2. Reality: Blessed are those who Mourn - deepest sense of sorrow, not emotional but spiritual, humility leads to sorrow, not one time act, constant action and reaction,

3. Authority: Blessed are the Meek - Power under control, humility & sorrow lead to brokeness, brokeness is total submission to God, focus on God’s holiness, God’s way not our way

4. Intensity: Blessed are those who Hunger & Thirst - concept of starvation, brokeness leads to passion and intensity, spiritual necessity, not sometimes but all of the time, starving have passion for food, single focus & intent - Christ, Dissatisfaction with self righteousness, freedom from external things, craving for the Word, pleasure in the things of God, unconditional spiritual hunger

5. Mercy: Blessed are the Merciful - concept of being beneficial, meeting people’s needs, feeling and showing compassion, mercy can only come from God, mercy comes from understanding God, serving others in need is being merciful, mercy is an attitude adjustment

6. Purity: Blessed are the Pure in Heart - Concept of cleansing the heart, heart is the center of the person, mental and physical action, essence of the being of a person, intentions and attitudes, purity inner person, not done by ceremony, ritual or tradition, cleansing from God alone, we are unable to live holy life without God, we must stay in God’s Word, walking in the will and way of the Holy Spirit, we must pray

7. Activity: Blessed are the Peacemakers - concept of righteousness and truth, ideal of godly peace, peace comes from knowing the truth, disturbs & disrupts general peace for something greater, God will bring peace, we are to be the messengers of peace,

8. Adversity: Blessed are those who are Persecuted because of righteousness - Three key concepts: 1. Physical Persecution, 2. Verbal Insults, 3. False Accusations, Physical persecution is harassment, abuse and unjust treatment, Greek dioko means to chasing or driving away, Verbal insults - verbal abuse that means to harm or hurt, people will say things to hurt, emotional and mental abuse, False Accusations - abusive words behind our backs, gossip and slander, harder to take and impossible to defend, destruction of reputation and credibility

Application - The results

1. Citizenship: Poverty of Spirit leads to being a part of the Kingdom - Broken heart is mended by God, God who makes the poor rich and weak strong, God will raise up those who lower themselves, give up our kingdom we get God’s kingdom, we can be citizens of the Kingdom of God

2. Comfort: Mourning over sin will bring comfort - Weeping over sin brings comfort from God, He forgives and forgets, going to God brings comfort, God welcomes and accepts us with open arms, we can find comfort in the arms of God

3. Inheritance: Meekness and submission to God will bring Inheritance - God’s people will get it all, future will bring God’s riches, New heaven and new earth, reward of eternal life & everything will be God’s, children have right to inheritance

4. Satisfaction: Hunger & thirst for God will bring new satisfaction - Deep & strong longing for more knowledge of God and His ways, God will satisfy people with Himself, the satisfaction is not temporary but complete, constant refilling of person with the things of God, only spiritual things will satisfy spiritual hunger, God can and will satisfy, final completion will come in heaven

5. Mercy: Mercy reaps mercy - Mercy is a result of God’s mercy on us, mercy is a cycle we receive and then give, it is an act of gratitude and thankfulness, no limit to mercy we can have and no limit on mercy we should give,

6. Paradise: Pure in Heart will allow us to see God - The promise is that we shall see God, true fellowship and companionship, we must live in the light we were given at salvation, purity of heart focuses us on the person and power of God

7. Reward: Peace making will cause us to be known as children of God - Peace that reveals the nature of God, doing ministry with people and working to help them find peace in their lives, ministry builds our relationship with God, cooperation and conjunction brings people together with one another and God, this relationship makes it possible for us to see God,

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