Summary: This sermon is to put the verdict that was handed down to our Savior that night, as a blessing to the Christian Church.


Matthew 26:57-68

My brothers and sisters, as we approach the greatest moment in the history of mankind, we should consider the verdict that was given to our Christ. Sure from our perspective, it was senseless, brutal and inhumane, to spit on a person, then beat him, then humiliate him while He carried His given cross to a hill called Calvary, there they put nails in His hands, spikes in His feet, pierce Him in His side and further humiliated Him with their sarcasm. They fell to realize that what they were doing was not ridding the world of a public nuisance, but they were giving the world what it needed most and that was the sacrificial Lamb that bought salvation to this dying world.

I read a funny story on the SermonCentral website about a man who was in a mental institution because he would tell people that he was Jesus Christ. Many people tried to stop him from saying this, but success was not theirs. One day a preacher came by to visit the institution and the attendant took him to the Jesus impersonator not taking the preacher or his ministry seriously. When the man told the preacher that he was Jesus in the flesh, the preacher pulsed for a moment and asked him, “Are you really Jesus of Nazareth?” And the man said “Yes, my son, I am he, the son of God.” So the preacher told him, I’ll be right back. He left the room and when he came back, he asked the man again, “Are you sure you are Jesus Christ the Son of God?” and the man again said, “I am Jesus in the flesh.” So the preacher took out a tape measure and measured him from his head to his feet, then he asked him to spread his arms and he measured the man’s arm and told him that he would be right back. Now at this time the man is puzzled because of the measurements and the preachers continued leaving of the room. So, when the preacher returned, he had with him a hammer, some spikes and nails and some wood. The man finally asked, “What are you doing?” As the preacher was putting the last nail in the cross. The preacher asked him one more time, “Are you Jesus?” Again the man said “Yes my son I am he.” Then the preacher said, “Then you should know why I’m here.” At that point, the man suddenly remembered that Jesus was crucified on a cross much like the one the preacher was erecting, and all of a sudden it came to him who he really was, because who he said he was not a great idea at the time and he ran down the hall yelling “I’m not Jesus!’ ’ I’m not Jesus!”

As we find humor in this story, we must realize the verdict that was placed on Jesus, regardless of how we feel about His punishment, it changed the world. Because if it was not for the shedding of Jesus’ blood there would not be any Christians today.

As we look at the text, I feel that it should be noted that Jesus Christ had been rejected and opposed throughout all His ministry. Now, He was being officially condemned to die by the high court of the Sandedrin court. Our Savior was standing before the court, and all the negative feelings of humanity against Him were beginning to show up, confusion, disloyalty, unbelief, rejection, disregard, opposition, bitterness and hatred all showed up that night. They felt, finally we have a charge that will rid us of the one who claims to be the Son of God. The religious leaders of that day fail to realize that the one they saw was not a nuisance, but actually was the Son of God. Their faith in the religious law of their time caused them to miss the golden opportunity to walk with the Savior of the world. You see the law could only make them aware of their sins, but it could not satisfy the penalty for their sin. Only Jesus who is the Christ is able to do that, but they rejected their only hope with their death verdict that would soon change the world for good. In the words of Joseph after reuniting with his father and brothers in Genesis chapter fifty verse twenty, Joseph said, But as for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good. And that is what happened on the day when they charged Jesus of blasphemy, they meant evil against the Lord Jesus, but God turned that thing around and He meant it for the good of mankind.

So, let’s take a look at what happened on that day and see how their verdict actually saved the world.

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