Summary: I. A victorious Christian apprehends his righteousness II. A victorious Christian accepts his resources III. A victorious Christian appropriates his relationship

The Victorious Life

Ephesians 1:1-6

Far too many Christians are living below where they ought to be. The biggest reason for this is simply they have never discovered who they are in Christ.

In Ephesians, Paul tells who we are in Christ in chapter 1; in chapters 2 and 3 he informs us of how we got to be who we are in Christ; and finally in chapter 4-6 Paul tells us how to live who we are in Christ. Paul treats the being aspect before the doing. Now if you turn that order around, you will find your life frustrating as a Christian. The Bible tells us that "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Now truth cannot set you free until you know it. You must embrace the doctrinal before you can turn it into the practical. Paul begins by telling us what we have in Christ, and then how we can draw upon what we have in Christ.

The average Christian does not understand who he is Christ. He does not comprehend what is his in Christ. He does not realize what he has because of Christ.

Elephants are trained when they are very young with a strong chain around their legs which is fastened to something that is unmoveable. The elephant quickly learns he cannot break the chain, and then they put on a very small chain on his foot because the elephant will not try to break it. If the elephant only knew the truth he could be free, but he is chained to his own perception. Far too many Christians are chained to a false perception, and only the truth can set you free. Truth that many don’t realize.

There are three qualities that every individual wants. You want these whether you realize them or not: significance, sufficiency, and security. In Christ you have all three, but without Christ you have none of them.

In Christ is the key to the Ephesians and the key to a victorious Christian living. For in Christ denotes your position, defines your privileges, describes your possessions, and determines your practice.

Let me give you three marks of a victorious Christian.

I. A victorious Christian apprehends his righteousness "saints"

There are only two kinds of folks, the saints and "the ain’ts." You are either saved or lost. Every bought, born again believer is a saint, whether you feel like it or not.

If you are saved, you are a saint. Real humility is accepting what God has said. It is tragic but many never accept their sainthood.

Many won’t be saved because they cannot see themselves as a sinner, and many will not live victorious lives because they cannot see themselves as a saint.

You do not become a saint by saintliness, but you should be characterized by saintliness because you are a saint. You cannot be a Christian and not be a saint.


Read about Dr. Harry Ironside where he was called upon at his home by two nuns to collect money for a certain charity. He invited them inside and as he talked with them, he quickly and skillfully steered the conversation around to the subject of saints. Then suddenly he asked, "Would you like to meet a saint?" The two nuns quickly replied, "Yes."

"Well," said Dr. Ironside, ’"look at me. I am a saint. I am St. Harry."

The two nuns were very shocked, but this gave Dr. Ironside the opportunity to explain to them what a saint really is.

A saint is not a man without fault but a man with faith in Christ.

All God’s people are thus designated as saints. All Christians are set apart to Christ irrespective of personal character.

As servants of God we occupy a place of humility; as saints of God we have a position of honor.

See II Corinthians 5:21 and Philippians 3:9.

Now one of the most damaging accusations against Christians is that we do not act up to our profession. Does your name and nature coincide?

You will not behave as you should until you accept the biblical truth of who you are. Who is more afraid of dirt - a man in grimy, dirty overhauls or one in a white tuxedo? Far too many of us are living defeated lives simply because we are so experienced in confessing our sin instead of confessing our righteousness.

What I am saying is this, we need to let our life be governed by our position in Christ. We need to remember who we are in Christ. A believer should not base his Christian identity on what he does for the Lord but rather who he is in the Lord.

When you apprehend His righteousness you have significance.

II. A victorious Christian accepts his resources

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