Summary: Goal: Changing from feeling that God has forgotten us to knowing that when HE speaks things happen. Main Point: When God speaks, the impossible can happen! Application: Put your faith in the God who speaks and makes things happen.

Title: The Virgin Birth

Text: Matthew 1:18-25

December 9, 2007

New Hope Community Chapel

Goal: Changed Lives. Changing from feeling that God has forgotten us to knowing that when HE speaks things happen.

Main Point: What is the one thing I want my audience to

know? When God speaks, the impossible can happen!

Application: What do I want them to do about it? Put their faith in the God who speaks and makes things happen.

Turn to: Matthew 1:18-25


It was a Sunday afternoon, and I don’t know for sure what caused my mom to do it, but she was out in the yard on wet grass and to make things worse, there was a slope in the lawn.

She was bothered by the length of the grass and what else was a 9 month pregnant woman to do?

She went out and mowed it – with a push mower.

Well, she slipped and fell flat on her backside.

She had just been to the Dr. on Friday and he told her I was positioned just right and I would be out before the weekend was through, but the fall must have caused me to do a somersault.

I was born at 2:00 the next morning – sunny side up.

Now days, they would turn a baby back around or do a c-section.

But this was 1972.

There was really nothing spectacular to note about my birth.

Just that my mom has probably held it against me to this day the fact that I came into the world backwards and have basically gone against the grain ever since.

I was present at every one of my children’s births – how could I miss that?

Laura went into labor when I was at one of my first job interviews for a staff pastor position.

When Christopher was born I said to the Dr., “How could anyone thing abortion is O.K. once they have witnessed this!”

Laura was in labor for a long time with Christopher, so when she went into labor with Hannah we decided that we could wait at home a bit longer.

I cut my hair and took a shower, then I called the nurse and told her what the spacing of the contractions was.

She said, “You better get in here right away!”

It was a 15 minute ride to Mankato.

As we were leaving St. Peter I was going about 50 mph on the highway through town.

It was about midnight on a four lane high way with no traffic.

I asked Laura if I needed to speed and she said no, but then followed up with,,, “But you could at least go the speed limit!”

In Mankato (5 minutes later) we were again on a 4 lane street with no traffic.

I was cruising right along when I noticed the police officer on the side of the street.

He followed us for a t least a mile. I kept going the same speed.

Just before the hospital he pulled me over.

Before he got to the car I said, “My wife is having a baby!”

He shouted, “Get going! Don’t stop for me!”

He then escorted us – lights and all to the hospital’s front door.

Every man’s dream.

Hannah was in our arms about an hour after we were in the hospital.

Taylor was born on a Wednesday morning in Mankato.

We figured we shouldn’t wait at home as long this time.

Taylor was the biggest baby that Laura has had yet.

But after, 2 others, he popped right out.

Our Dr., Dr. Taylor, came in his blue jeans from raking his leaves to deliver Taylor – our only fall baby.

Joshua was born in Emmetsburg.

We liked the treatment of a small hospital so much that Laura begged me that she could do it again.

So here we are, about to do the whole show again.


My mom has a job, in Sioux Falls, of picking up foster kids and bringing them to a site for parental visitation.

She told me yesterday about a baby named “Rain”.

Rain’s mom was a teenager hooked on drugs.

Rain is permanently damaged and it’s not her fault.

She has all kinds of defects as it relates to her mother not wanting her and then not taking care of herself while she was pregnant.

Rain will suffer for many years if not for all her life.

The other day when mom was hauling Rain in the van she was reminded by a radio program that was playing that – no child was a mistake.

God gives life.

Like I said a couple of weeks ago, your life story may be rather boring.

Your entrance into the world may have been less than spectacular.

Your parents may have been surprised by your arrival, but God wasn’t.

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