Summary: In Response to the vicious attack upon our Nation, a call for God’s People to repent,turn to God before we beseech Him to go before us.

This has been a week of tremedous loss, emotions of great grief, uncertainty, fear, and great anger and outrage at the barbaric and inhuman attack upon the People of the United States. As our President, his Cabinet, Congress, and other Government entities continue to investigate, prepare to bring justice upon those who commit such an antrocity, and those who would provide safe refuge, let us continue to be in prayer for our nation in the awesome decision, be prepared to do and support our nation at all cost. Just as those who gave after Dec 7 1941, so we have been called to do likewise. Freedom has a cost-Look at the Cross. In the midst of the act of war against our nation, we must understand the foe is not a race, culture, or religion, but a people who have no value of human decency. All of the citizens of the United States are of different race, culture, and religion. This is what makes our nation great-Freedom. You or I may not understand or agree with with citizens of different cultural background or religion, but we are united and protect the right of every American Citizen. We must not have bitterness or anger toward our fellow citizens whose past origin maybe of the culture and religion of the people and supportive countries who planned and attacked the People of the United States.

I love my country, served and defended her. I have many reasons for that love, eight of which is my family, particular the future of my children and grandchildren.

This week, I believe that we have had a most serious wake up call as a nation and people to bring back to self-exmination of our relationship to God. As we look at Psalm 44, let us not only look at Ancient Israel and the parallel with the United States, but allow God, Holy Spirit, to bring to your heart His examination and do that which you must do without hesitation. The people that make the nation that we love and live is you.

I. The Voice of Past Victories-Verses 1-8

A. Israel’s Past Victories

1. God is their God-Verse 1

a. He was their strength & Power-V3

b. In Him was there trust, not their


c. He was worshipped and reverenced-V8

B. United States past Victories-(From origin to

close of WWII.)

1. God is our God

a. U.S.History-"In God We Trust"

(Always the heartbeat-Always victory)

b. He was their strength & Power

c. He was their trust, not their ability

d. He was worshipped and reverenced

II. The Voice of Forsaken-Verses 9-16


A. God’s Blessings withdrawn-God has not forsaken

Israel has forsaken God

1. People have withdrawn from God

Verses 9-10 Reason

Jeremiah 2:13 "For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water."

United States-We

60’s thru 90’s

a. Attitude: "God is Dead"

Lack of morality

b. Disgrace in the pulpits, pews and

speaker podium (Church & Government)

c. No Spiritual discernment

1. Church was not bold or agressive as

the liberal foes of Christianity

Woman called O’Hara

Roe Vs Wade-Abortion

Removal of Ten Commandments

Bibles out of Public Schools

Prayer out of Public Schools

d. Lack of trust & desire to worship &

serve God.

1. Trusted in Finances-NY Finance

Capital of the World

2. Trusted in our strength & military


(The last time of total victory in

any conflict or war)

The nation of Israel had forsaken God, We had forsaken God- His presence, His power, His Position.

III. The Voice of Apathy-Verses 17-24


A. Indifference

1. Rest upon the righteous acts of

their forefathers.

a.) Israel said "God blessing of the past will continue regardless of what we do."

NOTE: God had withdrawn His Blessings-Because something is wrong.

1a. United States-WE

Rest upon the righteous acts of

our forefathers. (Too Old fashion today)

2. Rest upon outward display, not

inward heart of truth.

Romans 10:1-3

2a. United States-We

Indifferent to righteous works,

and more concerned what others

think and not what God thinks

or says

3. Rest upon their own standard

not God’s

3a. United States-WE

Proverbs 14:12

The indifference in the christian life, the results lead to a great emptyiness and fruitless life, destroys the God-Potential in others.

IV. The Voice of Renewal-Verses 25-26

Israel & United States-We

I Peter 4:17

God’s grace and Mercy extended only because of the intercessory of His People-(Sodom & Gomorrah)

A. Discipline & Return to God

II Chronicles 7:14



Mercies & Graces

V. The Voice of Assurance

Psalm 27:1-3


The assurance of total victory over evil is found in the presence, Power of Almighty God, and will only happen when a nation turns to God. That begins with the people of God, and that Begins with one person at a time. As we have rallied around our great flag, let us rally at the Cross.

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