Summary: Everyday a person lives in sin they earn a wage, this message shares some of those wages with us.

Subject: The Wages Of Sin

Scripture Reading: Romans 6:23

The question that has been asked for centuries, the question that has effected more people, the question that is asked by every prospective employee, young people ask it, middle age people ask it, even older people ask it.

The question that has effected more people Is: How much does It pay?

Oh, It may be asked in different ways, You may ask, How much will I make?, spouses may ask How much will you make? But the question is asked over and over again each day around the world.

You see, we are living in an age where most people are interested in making a good living, getting paid wages so they can live comfortably and enjoy life.

Now there is nothing wrong with that.

Most of you when you are offered a job, sometime before you accept the job and commit yourself you ask, What’s the

pay? How much will I make?

But today, I want us to think about another question and that question was asked by Jesus Christ himself it is found in Mark 8:36:

For what shall it profit a man, If he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Let me paraphrase it like this: What shall it profit a person if he should get what they want in life and in the end lose his soul?

Most of you this past week when you got paid, opened that pay envelope and checked the figures on that pay check very carefully.

You wanted to make sure that you got the exact amount that was coming to you.

Why? Because you put in X number of hours and you expected X number of dollars for those hours of work, Right?

Did you know that the Bible tells us that every day that person chooses to live in Sin, doing their own thing, refusing to let Jesus Christ come into their life, that they are earning a wage?

Just like you earned a wage this past week for the hours you worked.

So every person who has not come to Jesus Christ in faith and asked him to come into their heart and life, and has not let Him take control of their life is earning what the Bible calls the wages of sin.

Paul tells us this in Romans 6:23, He says the wages of sin is...

Now the Bible tells us that there is pleasure and fun in sin, If sin wasn’t fun, Hollywood and the devil would go bankrupt in a week.

If sin wasn’t fun, then every bar in town would close down, and the places of sin would go out of business. No the Bible clearly tells us that there are pleasures in sin, but they only last for a short time.

The life of a sinner is a lot like the story of Pinocchio. Remember how he was played hooky from school and got on the stage coach that was headed for Pleasure Island, because the fox and the cat told them that If he would go there that it was nothing but fun and games all day long?

Never any school to go to, never any work or rules, just fun, fun, fun!

That reminds me of what Satan is saying to every unbeliever today.

He is saying, just go ahead, do what feels good, enjoy life, don’t obey what your parents say, don’t worry about what the Bible says, don’t worry about is right, you only live once, so enjoy life, live it up, do your own thing!

But in the story of Pinocchio remember how one day the fellows began to turn into donkeys, there was a price to pay for all that fun.

Even today even though Satan has not told you, there are some wages that we earn when we continue to live in sin, and do our own thing.

No you don’t grow donkey ears, It Is something far worse. it is called the wages of sin.

Every day that you continue to live in sin, the greater your wage becomes.

Today I have four checks that I want to share with you. These checks are already made payable, the amount is filled in, and they are signed.

Check Number 1: Pay To The Order Of Any Sinner:

Blasted Hopes

And it is signed S.A. Tan

Satan’s blasted hopes.

I don’t want to alarm you, but there are multitudes who have already cashed this check. Oh they never planned to cash it, but the sad thing is they have.

I’m sure that some of you can look back a few years and remember when you said, I’m going to enjoy life. I’m not going to be like Mom & Dad, I’m going to make something of my life.

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commented on Jan 15, 2008

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