Summary: Looking in the first chapter of Acts, we see how we are to live in the "in between times", centered on God and full of purpose.

The Waiting Game:

How To Make the Most of the In Between Times

Acts 1:12-26

Do you ever feel like most of your life is spent waiting around?

Christian Rapper KJ 52 asks what is on all our minds in his song, “Why:”

Why do I have to wait in line just to wait in another line

And when I think I’m done I gots to do it one more time?

Why oh why am I always stuck behind

The lady who has writes a check in the express check out line?

Excuse me miss, it’s 10 items not 99.

We experienced waiting around just this week, when Daddy took Maya to the Dr.’s office.

There are so many things we look forward to, but it seems like a lot of our time is eaten up just waiting:

One Family Decided to turn “down time” or “waiting time” to their advantage. (the following stories are from a Family Fun website, but I didn’t log the address)

"We began to realize the heart of family life is really what happens in between the plans," says Carolyn. She and her husband, Lee, also a science teacher, began thinking about how they could make these between-time moments add up:

• Could they make long car drives as pleasant as arriving somewhere?

• Could visits to the grocery be turned into family field trips?

• The answer is yes.

The Derrs work to make their kids part of the experience rather than bored bystanders. When the girls go to the grocery store, Carolyn now hands them plastic bags filled with pictures of milk and cereal labels and other staples they need. The girls track down the items on their "lists."

• What was a chore has become a scavenger hunt. "We have a ball," says Carolyn.

Another favorite device is the prop bag or "treasure pack." Available only when the family is out of the house, the packs are sewn of fabric selected by the girls. Its contents are simple and versatile—

• dried beans,

• a magnifying glass,

• play dough,

• a marble--and Carolyn varies them weekly. "The girls ask for them when we’re stuck somewhere," says Carolyn. "We use them to avoid meltdown and create fun. They work."

My personal favorite is the Donau family:

When a large bug hits the windshield on Lisa Donau’s car, she often pulls over. For Lisa, and her two children, it’s an opportunity to learn something new. She scrapes the flattened bug into a bag and hands it to Gunnar, along with the bug book and hand lens she carries for such occasions. "I like to pursue any subject that interests the kids," she says. "The car is a great way for us to see the world."

Lisa budgets extra time for almost every drive so the family can feel free to chase down bugs or

Could it be true that the heart of life is what happens during the In Between Times?

It seems to bear out in a lot that we do:

• A successful meal is determined by how/if we keep our fridge stocked and even how we prepare the ingredients

• Graduating from school depends on showing up regularly, and keeping up with assignments

• Successfully completing a YMCA triathlon depends on eating less twinkies, more carrots, and exercising a day or two before hand

I popped in as several women were cleaning up after a shower for Heather yesterday. (By the way, wouldn’t you agree with my wife that she looks cute pregnant?)

Getting all excited about the new baby: what will become of her?

• What will she look like? (hopefully more like mom than dad)

• Will she make enough to support me in my old age?

• What are her talents going to be?

• How will she do in school?

Both of our families (and Johnstons) got to enjoy our children sing their little hearts out at Triumph Academy’s elementary school musical: Dr. Seussical Jr. (or something)

• Children of all shapes and sizes

• Some were made to shine under the spotlight: seizing the opportunity

• Others were quite conflicted and would rather have been hiding under a table (the girl who said “no no no!!!!” when the director asked if they should perform the last number again. And when they did, she got very visible upset and shaken and cried and missed her hand actions

All the parents were looking on, enjoying, laughing, cringing, coaxing, waving, and egging their children on.

Most of us know this is just the beginning of their lives, and what happens now, in the in-between times will determine how they finish at the end of their time.

What is true of our children is true of all people. Our “success” (whatever that may mean) is often determined by what we do in the In Between Times.

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