Summary: This is the sixth sermon of a series on Philippians. This sermon encourages Christians to have a walk that is above all others with God.

I. Introduction

a. The Walk of Walks should be our goal.

b. Paul gives us steps for a walk that very few Christians are walking.

II. The First Step is to Forget the Flesh (1-7)

a. As Christians we cannot let the flesh win

b. Paul says that he had a reason to brag about the flesh, but he chose to brag about Christ.

III. The Second Step is to Forget the Past (8-14)

a. We must look toward Christ, not past mistakes.

IV. The Third Step is to Forget the Attitude of the Lost (15-21)

a. 2 Corinthians 5:17

b. We are a new creation, we need to forget the former attitude.

V. Conclusion

a. We shouldn’t want to simply walk with God, but rather have the walk of walks with Him.

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